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Keep it cosy inside


Ultra-low emission burners (ULEB)

ULEBs are often more efficient and use less wood than Low Emission Burners making them even better for the environment. Some ULEBs are fitted with catalytic combustors allowing a more controlled and steady heat that can keep your home warm overnight. ULEBs are allowed across New Zealand but are compulsory if installed in Canterbury and a few other regions, so check with your local authority.

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In-built fires

In-built or insert wood fires become a feature within the wall they are installed in when lit, and fade into the background when not in use. They are great in smaller rooms where floor space is at a premium.


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Heating & Cooling

Mitre 10 has a great range of heating products for your home. Stay warm and comfortable during the colder months with our range of panel, micathermic, fan and ceramic heaters and more. Get cosy with an electric blanket or hot water bottle and beat the moisture with a dehumidifier. For a longer term solution, check out our range of installed heating, which includes heat pumps, wood fires and heat transfer systems.