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Find the right Heat Pump for your house

From the North to the South, New Zealand homes can benefit from a heat pump. When you choose the right size for your home a heat pump is more efficient to run than most other forms of heating. Check out our infographic below to understand how much output we recommend you need from a heat pump, based on where you live and the approximate size of room you are heating. In no time you’ll understand which options in our range are best for you.

Approximate room size

Recommended heat output

  Location 1 Location 2 Location 3
Bedroom (10m 2 - 20m2) 3.2kW 3.2kW 3.2kW - 4.5kW
Lounge (25m 2 - 35m2) 4.5kW - 6.1kW 4.5kW - 6.1kW 4.5kW - 7.0kW
Large Lounge (40m 2 - 45m2) 6.1kW - 7.0kW 7.0kW 7.0kW - 8.3kW
Open Plan Space (50m 2 - 55m2) 7.0kW - 8.3kW 8.3kW - 9.0kW 9.0kW
Large Open Plan Space (60m 2 - 70m2) 8.3kW - 9.0kW 9.0kW