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Ventilate your home to keep the air fresh and dry.

Why ventilation is important for a healthy home

It's important to have airflow through your home because it prevents the build-up of condensation, moisture and particles that can cause respiratory problems. Try to make ventilation part of your daily routine.

How you can use ventilation to make your home healthier

Opening your windows will ensure there is natural airflow through your home. By keeping your window slightly ajar over night, you can prevent excessive moisture and risk of mould growth, even in winter - a finger’s width should be enough. Use security stays, bolts or latches for your peace of mind.

You should ensure you have extractor fans or ventilation systems in your kitchen and bathrooms. While great for removing moisture, they remove odours as well.

What you need to know


You need to make sure that windows are openable, and that every habitable part of the property has at least one openable window and/or door being the equivalent size of at least 5% of the floor area. It must be able to be left open while the premises are occupied. Rental homes must have openable windows in the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms.

Kitchens and bathrooms must have extractor fans vented to the outside.

  • Kitchens – In any room with a cooktop, new fans or rangehoods installed after 1 July 2019 must have a minimum diameter (including ducting) of 150mm or an exhaust capacity of at least 50 litres per second.
  • Bathrooms – In any room with a shower or bath, new fans installed after 1 July 2019 must have a minimum diameter (including ducting) of 120mm or an exhaust capacity of at least 25 litres per second.

If you have an existing fan (put in before 1 July 2019), you must ventilate to the outside of the house. It must be in good working order, but they don’t have to meet the requirements listed above. When they stop working, they must be repaired to be in good working order or replaced with fans which do meet all the requirements.


Ventilating your home is the third crucial factor (after insulation and heating) in maintaining a healthy home, it helps prevent mould, condensation and dampness. While draughts create ventilation, they are often uncomfortable and prevent effective heating when required, so it's important to have the right ventilation in your home.


By regularly ventilating your home you help remove moisture, humidity, condensation and stagnant air. It's as easy as opening windows and doors, wiping away mould and condensation, and using devices like extractor fans and ventilation systems.

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