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Our Price Guarantee

* If you find a lower price on an identical in-stock product, we will beat it by 15%.

Excludes special quotes, on account (credit and cash) purchases, stock liquidations and commercial quantities.

The same in-stock product must be available to you for same day delivery or collection. Includes GST and delivery charges.

If you find the same product cheaper from another Mitre 10 store or online at we'll match that price. The in-store price may be lower than that advertised.


Using Mitre 10’s Price Guarantee

How can I use Mitre 10’s Price Guarantee?

If you find an example of one of our competitors having lower pricing on a particular product, please bring that evidence to your local Mitre 10 store. Current catalogues and website listings are preferred so we can easily check our competitors’ pricing.  

Does my local Mitre 10 store need to have the relevant product in-stock?

Yes, the Mitre 10 store at which you use our Price Guarantee must have the relevant product in-stock. The Price Guarantee does not apply to any special orders of product made for a customer.

Am I able to use Mitre 10’s Price Guarantee for purchases from

We are not able to apply our Price Guarantee to purchases made from The Price Guarantee can be used by making your purchase in-store, as explained in the FAQ “How can I use Mitre 10’s Price Guarantee”.

What happens if Mitre 10’s in-store price is lower than Mitre 10’s advertised price?

Mitre 10 competes in a competitive market where we respond to our competitors’ price changes. This helps to ensure that our customers get the best possible value.  Occasionally, our in-store price will be lower than our publicly advertised price.  In those circumstances, our in-store price will be used for the purpose of the Price Guarantee.

Eligibility for Mitre 10’s Price Guarantee

Does Mitre 10 competitors’ product need to be available today?

Yes.  Our Price Guarantee applies to products that our competitors (including online businesses) have available for same day delivery to you or collection by you. GST and any delivery charges will be taken into account so we are comparing the total price of our competitors’ product. 

Can Mitre 10 competitors’ product be similar rather than the same as the product that Mitre 10 stocks?

For the Price Guarantee to apply, the product must be the same make, model and colour, including being a new-boxed product. Any products sold with ‘bonus items’ or similar can only be compared against identical products sold by our competitors (i.e. with bonus products).  

Exclusions from Mitre 10’s Price Guarantee

What are the exclusions from Mitre 10’s Price Guarantee?

On account (credit and cash) purchases from Mitre 10 and our competitors are excluded, as are special quotes issued by our competitors. Stock liquidations and the purchase of commercial quantities from our competitors are also excluded.

Special quotes are excluded from your Price Guarantee. What are special quotes?

Special quotes are quotes issued by our competitors that contain discounted or preferential pricing for an individual customer.  Most commonly, special quotes are issued in relation to bulk purchases of building materials or other goods for a specific project or job. 

Stock liquidations are excluded from your Price Guarantee. What are stock liquidations? 

Occasionally our competitors will make a decision to sell particular products at a heavily discounted price in order to clear that stock.  Sometimes stock liquidations occur when a business is closing down or no longer wishes to stock a particular line of products.  Regular promotions or sales of products by our competitors are not usually considered to be stock liquidations. 

Commercial quantities are excluded from your Price Guarantee. What is a commercial quantity?

Mitre 10 considers commercial quantities to be quantities of a product that might be needed by more than one household. 

Can installed products and services be used for Mitre 10’s Price Guarantee?

Any products sold with installation included in the total price are excluded from our Price Guarantee.  For example, a heat pump with installation included in the total price, is not eligible for the Price Guarantee.

Payment and Promotions

Can I use Mitre 10’s Price Guarantee when paying by gift card or similar?

Yes, our Price Guarantee can be used when paying by gift card, AfterPay and similar methods.  Please note that on-account transactions (cash and credit) are excluded from our Price Guarantee.

If I use the Mitre 10 Price Guarantee, can I still receive Airpoints for my purchase?


Can I use Mitre 10’s Price Guarantee when Mitre 10 is running a promotion – for example, a free store card promotion.



What happens if our competitors have made errors with their pricing? 

Occasionally retailers make typographical mistakes with their pricing – for example, the correct price of a product may be $199, but their website says it’s $1.99. Where it’s an obvious error like that, our Price Guarantee won’t apply.

What can I do if I’m unhappy with the way my local store has applied the Price Guarantee?

If you unable to resolve your complaint with your local store, please get in touch with Mitre 10’s CustomerCare team.



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