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Creating a safer home.

Why safety is important for a healthy home

Keeping our homes safe gives us peace of mind as well as a sense of security. Poor accessibility to homes may expose young children, the elderly and people with disabilities to a higher risk of injury, stress and isolation. Poor construction or maintenance can increase hazards. We have simple solutions to help you prevent injury, making your home healthier and keeping you and your family safe.

How a safer home makes a healthier home

The key to a safe home is to keep an eye out for potential issues so they can be fixed or addressed before they become dangerous. You should install smoke alarms, fit security hardware to your doors and windows, secure heavy furniture, use non-slip mats on slippery surfaces, and put child locks on cabinets with cleaning chemicals. These are easy solutions to common hazards.

What you need to know


It's required that your rental property meets all legal building, health and safety requirements before a tenancy begins. This means the plumbing, wiring and structure of the house needs to be sound, that locks and fastenings are working, and that photoelectric or hard-wired smoke alarms have been installed. Find out more about your responsibilities from Tenancy Services or Work Safe.


We all want to enjoy the houses we live in, and taking a few safety precautions early on can give you the peace of mind to love where you live. These precautions might include fitting your home with safety devices such as smoke alarms, making an escape plan, keeping chemicals out of reach of children, installing window guards and anti slip protection where necessary, and any other measures that reduce hazards that cause injuries.


Before you move in, your landlord will have ensured the property is safe and habitable. If you come across any potential hazards, you should talk to your landlord as early as possible so that repairs can be arranged before the hazard gets worse.

Get started on your journey to a healthier home



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