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Things to consider when buying a shower

Showers come in many shapes, sizes and styles - but not every shower is suitable for every space. In a bathroom renovation you might be restricted by the space you have and the plumbing layout, but in a new build you’ll have a bit more flexibility.

Find out more about what’s available to make the right decision on a functional, beautiful and long lasting shower.


Pivot Door

These showers have a large internal and external footprint as it needs space for the door to swivel open and closed. Its clean lines give off a sophisticated look and is best suited for larger bathrooms.


Alcove Shower

For smaller bathrooms or narrow ensuites, the alcove shower would be your best option as its space saving design allows you to insert the shower neatly in tighter spaces.


Square/Rectangle Sliding Door

Square or rectangular showers have a large internal footprint giving you lots of space to install facilities. Having a sliding door also takes up less floor space as the door opens within the shower.


Round Sliding Door

This style is ideal for bathrooms with a corner shower space. Its curved door uses space efficiently while still giving some generous elbow room.


Tiled Shower

Tiled showers tend to be very sturdy and long-lasting compared to prefabricated showers. They also allow for more creativity since there are a variety of tile colours and patterns to choose from.

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