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Five ways to refresh your bathroom

It doesn’t have to cost a bomb to refresh your bathroom. Sometimes just one or two simple changes are all you need to give it a new look. Here are some updates you can do yourself.

A fresh coat of paint

A new lick of paint does wonders, especially if it’s a new colour. It’s one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of any room, bathrooms included. If you’ve got a smaller bathroom, think about a lighter colour to make it feel more spacious. Or create a warmer more inviting space with natural earthy colours. And if you’re going for a more neutral scheme, you can always add a pop of colour with some bright towels or accessories.

Not only will it look good, a new paint job also helps protect your walls. So when choosing your paint it’s a good idea to buy a mildew-resistant, satin or semi-gloss paint. Being one of the most-used rooms in your house, this kind of paint will be more durable, plus it’s got the added bonus of being easier to clean.

Update your shower

There’s nothing like a tired and mouldy old shower to ruin a bathroom, and they can look very dated too. Do yourself a favour by ripping it out and replacing it with a brand new shower unit. There are some stylish modern units available, and a huge range of showerheads and tap ware to choose from that’ll make your bathroom feel completely new. Plus, if you’re simply replacing like-for-like, and don’t have to move any plumbing around, it’s a job you can do yourself without too much fuss.

Install a glass bath screen

Ditch the ugly old shower curtain around your bath and replace it with a glass bath screen. They’ll give your bathroom a much cleaner and modern look, and also give the illusion of more space than a hanging shower curtain. You’ll find that they allow more natural light in when you’re showering, and that they’re a lot better at stopping water getting splashed around the room. If you’ve got a bath/shower combo a glass screen really is the way to go, and what’s even better – they’re affordable and are easy to install yourself.

Refresh your vanity

Changing out your vanity is another simple way to transform the look of your bathroom. You might want to update an old-fashioned unit, you might want a vanity with more storage, or one that is more slim line – whatever you’re after there are a lot of sizes and designs to choose from. Something to consider is that because bathrooms tend to be one of the smaller rooms in the house, you can make if feel more spacious by choosing a wall-hung vanity. They simply fix to the wall and give you more floor space, opening up your bathroom. And with some updated tap ware your bathroom will feel like new.

Create a tiled splash back

With so many different colours, sizes, and designs to choose from tiles are an excellent way to add some visual interest into your bathroom. And creating a splash back over your sink or vanity is the perfect chance to get creative and give your bathroom a different look. From a bespoke mosaic you’ve designed yourself, to smart subway tiles, this is another simple and affordable project you can easily do yourself.