Get the look - renovate your whole kitchen

The kitchen is at the forefront of our lives, so it's worth refreshing it.

As the most used room in the house, your kitchen needs a lot of thought and consideration.

Analyse the shape of the space you have to figure out if you need an L shaped kitchen, galley kitchen, U shape, G shape, inline or island kitchen.

Another important thing to remember is the classic kitchen working triangle, which will help you decide where your three main items will feature – the fridge, oven and sink. You want to be able to access all three freely and without obstruction.


If ripping out your old kitchen to renovate the space and install a new kitchen, this is the time to rip off your old plasterboard and install new wiring, pipe work and insulation.

When moving a sink to a new location in the room you will need a building permit, best to talk to your local council to get advice before starting. If you are swapping out a sink with a sink that is in the same position you will not need a building permit.

Once plasterboard is all removed it is imperative that a bit of time is set aside for straightening the studs and nogs to ensure a straight and flat wall finish.

For walls that are considerably wobbly it’s a good idea to use 13mm plasterboard to iron out a few wrinkles.