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Refresh your kitchen with a new tap

A kitchen tap is used frequently and deserves careful consideration.

A smart choice for a kitchen tap is a pull-out spray mixer. These allow you to move the water effortlessly around the sink, spraying into tricky items that are hard to clean like roasting dishes, while giving you the flexibility to wash dishes, bathe a small child or fill up a bucket of water.

Tips for buying a new tap:

  • Check to see if you have a mains or low pressure system before purchasing a new tap.
  • Buy a tap with the same base so you don't have to drill any bigger holes in the bench top or be forced to cover over a larger hole.
  • Ensure the tap has enough angle on it so it pours into the sink properly.
  • When buying your new tap check in the box to see if there is a speciality spanner supplied to tighten the hex screws up to the underside of sink.
  • Before heading down the road, check the thread size of the pipes coming out from the wall. You’ll need to buy brass caps to temporarily cap pipes off while working.
  • Use thread tape to wrap around pipes before attaching new pipes to them.
  • Turn water off at the mains and hot water cylinder. Once water is off open a few other taps to relieve the pressure in the pipes.
  • Have a bucket on hand to catch any drips.