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Get the most from your kitchen design

There are four steps to getting your dream kitchen

Step 1

Spend some time getting inspired and looking at kitchen renovation images on the internet. When you find images of kitchens you like, print or save them. Think about what it is in the image that you like. Is it the colour of the cabinetry? The benchtop material? General colour scheme? Think about how they would look in your kitchen. Is it a light space that would suit bold or dark colours? Or maybe it’s a smaller space that needs smart cupboard design and light colours. Take lots of notes of everything you can think of and once you identify the things that are most important, you’ll be able to start looking at available materials.

Step 2

Plan the kitchen design in your own house in more detail. Start with measuring up the space you’ve got to work with. What shape kitchen will best suit the space? Check out the main shapes here.This will give you the parameters to work within. Make sure you also note down where the plumbing and appliances are located. 

Tip: You can find a grid to help with laying out your kitchen measurements here.

Once you have an idea of the layout, think about the cabinetry and benchtop materials as these really set the style for your kitchen. Do you like a light and natural oak wood benchtop or a dark speckled marble? From there, consider finishes for handles, sinks and taps, splash backs, lighting and flooring. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure exactly what you want yet.

Step 3

Take your clippings and notes into store and show the Mitre 10 kitchen consultant. With planning software, they can help create a visual render of your ideas to bring it to life. You can try a few options together to see what you like. It’s a great idea to look at your renders while standing in your kitchen, before making any final decisions. Your Mitre 10 kitchen consultant can help you from design to completion so let them know when you are ready for the final step which is to order and get your kitchen installed. You can book a free kitchen consultation instore here.

Tip: Get a builder in to view your kitchen and ideas early in the design process to point out any potential issues with compliance, installation and design. This can save a lot of tears and money further down the track.