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Design a kitchen

We'll show you how to get the most from your kitchen design.

If there’s one room in your house that needs good design above everything else, it’s the kitchen. 

When designing a kitchen, start with measuring up the space you’ve got to work with. This will give you the parameters you need to work within. Make sure you also note down where you plumbing and appliances are located.

Look for images of kitchens you like and make sure you identify what it is in the image that you like. Is the colour of the cabinetry? The benchtop material? General colour scheme? When you can identify these things you’ll be able to start looking at the available materials.

Once you have the layout, the cabinetry and benchtop sorted you’ll need to think about handles, sinks and taps, splash backs and lighting. The possibilities are endless but if you do all your research up front, you’ll be sure to end up with a kitchen that is functional and you love.