Design your dream home office

Mix practical with inspirational to help create your ultimate office.

Whether you have a room set aside for your home office, or a nook you have stolen with some clever utilisation of space, your home office deserves to be both inspirational and functional. For large or small spaces, the same rules apply: get practical with a great, clear desk surface, comfy chair, adequate lighting and sufficient storage. Overhead bookshelves are great for smaller spaces. Remember to choose items that suit your style or fit in with the style of the room. Be bold and decorate your office with items and colour that speak to your personality and will inspire you to do work.


When planning a home office, start by identifying where your power is. This is a great place to plan your computer space around. Also think about planning your desk space. You can easily build your own desk out of ply and that way, you can build it to be functional in your space.