Interior painting, lighting and design

Transform any space with a fresh coat of paint and good lighting.

Paint will create the base of the room while lighting is the key to creating character and enhance a home's architectural details.


Your Living Room should be an inviting place where people want to gather and spend time in comfort. Balance is the key to producing a room that is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. A balance of colour, furniture and various light sources lay a great foundation for all your artwork and objects, which help create a room that feels welcoming.


Preparation is the key to any successful painting job. Whether you have an old house or a newish house preparation is always one of the most important aspects to creating a good finish.

If you have plasterboard that has not been painted and has started to go "sunburnt" or yellow you will need to apply a pigmented sealer to boards first to ensure the paint "keys" to the wall.

Always dust wall down thoroughly before doing any painting.