Eight easy ways to organise your kitchen

To achieve a well-organised kitchen, you don’t need to start from scratch.

Well organised cabinetry is essential in any kitchen. Having a well thought out plan or design for your storage needs is a must before commencing any work.

Organise your cutlery and utensil drawers with simple trays or rubber mats to break up items into ‘families’. Separate pots and pans from their lids by placing a divider in your larger drawers and organise your knives in a timber knife block or stainless steel bar.


No more trying to find that kitchen item you can never seem to find. When you de-clutter your kitchen you open up a whole lot of extra space you never knew you had.

There is a great range of clever storage options available now, from pull out pantry shelving racks to corner cupboards that make good use of the tight space.

You can go into Mitre10 to design your own storage cupboards, just take your dimensions into store.