Refresh your bathroom with a new bath tub

Make your bathroom better with a stylish bath tub.

There’s nothing better than soaking in a nice hot bath - except when your soaking in a bath where your knees are up to your chest, the tap is in an awkward position or the bath is too shallow! If you are upgrading your bath – take all these things into consideration as well as the size of your bathroom to get the proportions right.


If you’re replacing an existing bath with a new one, you will not need a building consent for the pipework. However, if you are installing a bath into a room where there previously wasn’t one, you will need to use a licenced plumber and apply for a building consent.  If in doubt, talk to a LBP or local authorities to check.

You can buy baths with a pre-attached cradle. This will save a lot of time when installing as you will not have to make one.