Re-do your bathroom with a complete renovation

Think about style, space and design when you renovate your bathroom.

Before you start your bathroom renovation, have a clear idea of budget and a direction of style you want to take. This will pave the way and make the design process a lot easier, aiding in your decisions for colours, fittings, fixtures and flooring! Take into consideration the amount of room you are beginning with. Allocating sufficient room for basic items such as the toilet and shower, then add to it from there!


This is a large job. Firstly, I recommend that you talk to a designer in the bathroom department to ensure you get the best use of your space as these rooms are generally quite small.

If you are leaving all your amenities in the same place, you will not require a building consent.

It's a good idea to get a licensed builder in to discuss your ideas with. They will be able to tell you, which work requires an LBP and formulate a layout plan.