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Weber – Master the Art of Barbecuing

Weber has been creating exceptional BBQs since 1952, putting their superior know-how and enthusiasm for the craft to work and creating a comprehensive range of unique products designed to get results. Today, Weber is internationally renowned for innovation in the barbecue industry, not simply for producing BBQs that deliver power, convenience and flexibility, but for the developments in how we use them. A global market leader, Weber produces top quality gas, charcoal, electric, including the revolutionary and ever-popular Q Series.

Why choose Weber?


Best in class

Each year a number of products and brands go under the microscope from the team at Consumer NZ to determine which products and brands come out on top. Weber has been ranked Top BBQ brand for performance, reliability, and owner satisfaction from 2018-2020.


Grill more, worry less. Rest assured your Weber products will be covered under warranties. Depending on what type of products or which model that you have, they offer 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10-year warranties.

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Weber Connect – Simply. Smart. Barbecuing.

Turn any BBQ into a smart BBQ. Exclusive to Weber, Weber Connect is a step-by-step barbecuing assistant that provides flip and serve notifications, food readiness countdown and custom food doneness alerts (e.g. medium-rare steak). Its remote Wi-Fi access lets you check food status at the barbecue or on your phone.

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Weber Q

Compact, powerful and contemporary, the Weber Q range of gas BBQs are the ultimate anytime barbecue. Not only can you grill, bake and roast, you can also create the perfect crispy base pizza. Weber Q is New Zealand's favourite and most trusted BBQ.


Baby Q – Barbecue on the Go

Also known as “traveling Q” this compact grill can roast an entire chicken outside by the caravan, and packed back up once you’re finished eating. At home, out in the park or down at the beach, the Baby Q gives you total flexibility.

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Weber Q – Your Everyday BBQ

Famous for its unique design, versatility, and amazing taste. The Weber Q has a generous cooking space for everyday barbecuing, yet is small enough to easily carry to the beach.

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Family Q – The Backyard Favourite

The Family Q is New Zealand's favorite backyard icon. Its large cooking area is great for roasting every night of the week, or even for catering a big backyard party.

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Grill Beyond your Backyard

Place your BBQ onto the cart and use it as a stationary stand that sits at the optimal grilling height, or to simply move your Q across the patio.

*The Weber Q portable cart is suitable for the Baby Q (Q1000 series) and Weber Q (Q2000 series) ranges. The Weber Q Patio Cart is suitable for the Weber Q range (Q2000 series).

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Whether you're grilling, roasting, baking or going low and slow, no one can resist the smokey flavour that the Weber charcoal creates.


Kettle – An Authentic Barbecue Taste

Immerse yourself in the sound of crackling charcoal or briquettes and the smell of rich smoke. This is Weber's iconic Kettle BBQ, dispensing those incredible flavours you can only get from charcoal cooking.

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Portable Charcoal – Barbecue on the go

Travel with a taste of home. The portable charcoal range is the perfect travel companion. Whether away for the weekend, or hiking in the woods, the sweet taste of barbecue guarantees that wherever you are, the food will be amazing.

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Smokey Mountain Cooker – Get Smoking

If you want to get serious about smoking, you'll love smokey mountain Cooker range. Inside, a porcelain enamelled water pan generates steam to keep the cooking temperature low and even. As a result, the foods are tender, succulent and moist. Smouldering smoke combines with the steam and filters up through the double racks, encircling your food to produce beautiful flavours.

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Premium Gas Range


Grill up a storm in no time with Weber Gas BBQ range. With a spacious cooking area, you can sear steaks on one side while cooking an appetiser on the other, and the convenient open cart allows you to keep your tools and equipment within reach. Armed with the strong GS4* grilling system and porcelain enamelled cast iron grills, this gas BBQ is sure to take you and your meals to the next level. Shop now

*GS4 technology which stands for Grilling System 4 (there are 4 components), consists of infinity ignition system, stainless steel burners, porcelain enameled flavouriser bars, and grease management system. These parts all work in concert to make sure the grill lights the first time, every time, that it provides even heat, reduces flare ups, adds some extra flavour to your food, and that all the drippings and grease from grilling are directed into the drip pan for easy removal.



Ushering in an era of infinite barbecuing possibilities, the Weber electric range fuses everything you need from a traditional BBQ with the simplicity and convenience of electrical power. And there's no compromise on the Weber flavour either - a first for electric BBQ cooking. Innovative smart features, such as integrated iGrill* technology, ensure easy cooking and outstanding convenience every time you're ready to eat. Shop now

*The integrated iGrill feature provides real-time monitoring of the core temperature of the food and the barbecue temperature via the Weber iGrill App. Simply sonnect the probe/s and route the probe wire through the channels on the sides of the barbecue and download the Weber iGrill app.


Weber has a great range of accessories to go with your new BBQ. From cooking utensils and cleaning accessories to griddles, grills and drip pans. Grab a heavy duty, designed to fit BBQ cover, or treat yourself to a matching apron and mitt.