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Simple styling solutions for your home



Rental Hacks

Try these simple tips and projects to refresh the look of your small spaces or rental properties.


Lighting Tips

If your home needs a refresh but your rental agreement means you can’t get carried away with a  paintbrush and hammer or you aren’t ready to start a renovation, try sprucing up your space with these simple lighting tips.



Storage ideas

There are a range of storage solutions to keep your home looking neat and tidy as well as adding interest to a room. From large wardrobes and wall racks to arty hanging shelves, there is a solution to suit every space.



Create the illusion of space

Make a small room instantly bigger and brighter with these helpful tips: 

  • Reflections from wall mirrors will make your space look larger than it is.  
  • Use multifunctional furniture like ottomans that can be used as a seat and coffee table. 
  • Transform your room by painting ceilings with brighter colours to suit your space. Ask in-store for expert advice on choosing colours.

How to paint interiors

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to transform any room and give it a brand new look.



Indoor plants

Indoor plants are a great way to add colour and contrast to a room. Plus studies have shown that plants help improve indoor air quality. Create a relaxing space by incorporating indoor plants inside. 

Here are some helpful tips to get your started. 

  • Choose your location first before choosing your plant
  • Low maintenance plants such as succulents are great for beginner gardeners
  • Read the plant label or ask in-store to find out best lighting and temperature conditions


15 second fixes

Check out some short videos that show you creative things you can do in your home in no time at all.