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Planning your bathroom

A new bathroom is an exciting addition to the home, but the renovation process can be a big job. If you’re right at the beginning of your project, it’s a good idea to weigh up all the variables and create a plan and budget to see your new bathroom through to completion. 

Our in-store bathroom specialists are dedicated to helping people plan their dream bathrooms. Here are their top tips for beginning your renovation.


1. Assess your needs

Think about the way you use your bathroom. Do you use a bath or mainly shower? Do you have small children who would need to bath? What do you like about your existing bathroom and what would you like to change? How much storage space will you need for toiletries? Does it need to be heated? Don’t forget to consider things like ventilation and lighting.  

2. Know your budget

Your budget can impact every decision you make about your bathroom renovation, so it’s important to know at the outset. Having an idea of what you can spend on materials, labour and accessories will help you plan and shop for your new space.

3. Know your space

Use a laser measure to accurately measure your bathroom as well as any additional space you have to work with and plan the layout from there. Our handy planning grid will help you with this. Don’t forget to think about existing plumbing and wiring as well as which way doors open and how far. Start your design by allocating the right amount of space for essential items like the toilet, shower, bath and vanity, and add to it from there.

4. Get inspired

Checking out other bathroom renovations can inspire yours. Have a browse around our in-store showrooms or look through some interior design magazines and websites and cut out or save anything you like the look of. Paste your images onto a board or compile them online with tools like Pinterest or Canva. This really helps when you’re making decisions on colours, fittings, fixtures and flooring.

5. Talk to the professionals

Determine which trades you will need to complete your project, IE plumber, builder or electrician, and make sure you only work with certified tradespeople. It’s good to have a chat with these people as they will advise on the practicality of your project and inform you of any consents you may need from your local council. Even in a full renovation there are plenty of jobs that you can do yourself, such as demolition, insulation, painting, or fitting cabinetry to save some money along the way. 

6. Consider efficiency

A bathroom renovation is a great time to consider water and energy efficiency, and any improvements you could make with LED lighting, low flow showerheads, taps and toilets, and by ensuring your hot water cylinder is operating efficiently. Your plumber, builder and our in-store bathroom specialists can give further advice on this. 

7. Visit us in-store

Speak to one of our bathroom consultants about your ideas, and they can help you design a space that has the look, feel and functionality you want in your new kitchen. When you go and visit our in-store consultant, take your mood board, your budget and your measurements with you. 


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