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Kärcher – Cleaning Solutions for Your Home, Garden and Workshop

Kärcher is a leading cleaning technology and equipment manufacturer from Germany. Whether it’s the interior or exterior of your home, Kärcher offers the right solution for every dirt problem. An industry leader for over 75 years, Kärcher has a well-earned reputation for quality and innovation. Every product in the range is built to the highest standard and fully tested to ensure they will deliver the results you’re looking for.  

Why choose Kärcher?


Convenient, Effective & Efficient

Kärcher cleaning products are must-haves for home owners who value fast and easy solutions that work.


Patented Technology

Patented Technology provides effective and world leading performance, making the cleaning process a breeze.



Kärcher backs its products and parts with warranties for your piece of mind. Warranties vary by product. Register here to qualify for extended warranty.



With an ongoing commitment to sustainability, Kärcher products are produced with low emissions, ecologically conscious material selection, and energy and water-saving technology.


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Water Blasters

Kärcher water blasters are the perfect solution for every cleaning task. Enjoy control like never before with innovative features delivering outstanding performance and user comfort. Passionate engineering, high quality components and decades of experience come together to bring you the ultimate water blasting experience. Kärcher’s water blasters has something to suit every application. Whether it’s cleaning up your outdoor furniture, decks and living spaces to enjoy them through spring and summer, general upkeep of your car, boat and driveway, or that big annual clean of your home’s exterior, Kärcher water blasters will see you through.

Why choose Kärcher water blasters?

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Window Vacs

Kärcher window vacs get your windows clean three times faster than hand washing, leaving them clean and streak-free. Window vacs make a huge cosmetic impact, but they can also help you maintain a healthy home by removing condensation during autumn and winter. Window vacs are far more than a quick solution to dirty windows, they’re a flexible, time saving tool essential for your home.

Why choose Kärcher window vacs?

Designed with technologies that are guaranteed to leave your windows gleaming, Kärcher window vacs feature convenient battery operation and a compact design delivering maximum flexibility in cleaning all smooth household surfaces. The innovative long silicon blade with extra flexibility cleans smooth surfaces more effectively, reducing the time and effort you spend on cleaning. 


Note: Higher window vac classes are recommended for cleaning larger window surfaces. Alongside improved performance, higher classes also offer additional functions like a handy interchangeable battery system, a soft grip handle which makes the device more comfortable to use, or an interchangeable suction nozzle which allows you to clean even narrow windows with ease.

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Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Wet & dry vacuums are incredibly versatile cleaning tools that can pick up liquids, dirt, and a wide variety of debris. They are also capable of removing stubborn stains from textile surfaces without leaving any residue.  Special filter systems and individual accessories ensure that these robust vacuum cleaners work quickly and thoroughly, equipping you for all types of cleaning scenarios.

Why choose Kärcher wet & dry vacuums?

  • Energy Efficient – Extremely powerful with exceptionally low energy consumption thanks to the highly efficient motor and cyclonic suction system. Save on electricity without compromising on suction performance.
  • Wide range of accessories – Conveniently achieve the best cleaning results in extended application areas with our wet & dry vacuum accessories.
  • Handsfree filter cleaning system* – Filters can be cleaned by simply pressing a button. This means constant high suction power is available without interruptions. *Available in WD 5 and WD 6 models.

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Steam Cleaners

For hygienic, fast and effective cleaning all around the home. Kärcher steam cleaners provide a fibre-deep clean, completely without chemicals. Thanks to the top cleaning performance, the steam kills bacteria and ensures maximum hygiene for a healthy living environment. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or on floors, Kärcher really goes full steam and delivers top results. 

Why choose Kärcher steam cleaners?

  • Commercial grade technology for home use – Innovative technology with high steam quality and power, built from robust materials to stand the test of time.
  • Most versatile steam cleaner – There's an extensive accessory range for all Kärcher steam cleaners. The application possibilities are endless around the home. It can be used for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, windows, hard surfaces like stone, tiles, PVC, laminate or varnished parquet flooring.
  • Fast and effective cleaning – Eliminating the need to rigorously scrub and polish, steam cleaning requires considerably less effort and can be completed in less time, even in difficult to reach areas.
  • Safe for the environment, allergy sufferers, kids and pets – Steam cleaning only uses water, with no need for chemicals. It’s kinder to the environment as well as those with allergies and developing immune systems.


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Floor Cleaners

The floor is the most roughly treated surface in the house. It copes with a lot, from pet's paws and muddy shoes to biscuit crumbs and coffee stains, and that plays havoc with the floor as time goes by. To get the most out of your floors, you should treat them to an extensive care programme regularly. It’s important to cater to the different needs of the coverings because when it comes to cleaning, all floors are not alike.

Why choose Kärcher floor cleaners?

  • Clean all hard floors – Including timber, laminate, tiles, vinyls, polished concrete and more.
  • Throw away the top and bucket The FC 7 vacuums and wipes the floor at the same time. The FC 5 cleans floors and picks up spillage, light debris and dust. The FC 3 removes spillages.
  • Use only clean water – Hygienically cleans floors using fresh water for the entire clean, while dirty water is fed into a separate tank.
  • Get into hard-to-reach areas – A swivel head gives you extra flexibility around low furniture and awkward areas.
  • Enjoy quick dry time – Excess water is collected off the floor into the dirty water tank rather than pooling up. 
  • Make short work of floor cleaning – The self-propelling microfibre rollers offer an effective clean, and require less effort from you. Plus, rollers are machine washable.

Application Areas (suitable for all hard floors)

The New Kärcher FC 7 Floor Cleaner

The New Kärcher FC 7 Floor Cleaner

  • Mop and sweep at the same time 
  • Removes all kinds of dry and wet dirt and allows for high cleaning speed. No need to vacuum before wiping cutting cleaning time by half.
  • Four counter-rotating rollers
  • These rollers rotate inward to pick up household dirt and wipe the floor whether you push it forward or pull it backwards. This also allows for easy maneuvering. 
  • 2-Tank system
  • It holds dirty water in a separate container, so it doesn’t spread all over the floor. When the freshwater tank is empty, a visual and acoustic signal will show. When the dirty water tank is full, the FC 7 switches off automatically.
  • Cordless and flexible
  • The FC 7 has a battery run time of approx. 45 minutes with a 25,55 V Li-Ion battery. Its flexible swivel joint makes it easy to access hard to reach corners and under low furniture.
  • Self-standing cleaning
  • Once the work is done, the freestanding FC 7 can be parked in its station for self-cleaning.

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