Makeover your fence in a weekend

Procoat fence paint is a high quality, water based fence paint made right here in New Zealand. Easy to apply, can be used on new or previously painted timber fences.

Here’s a few tips to help you plan your project:

1. Check the weather! You don’t want to be surprised by a rainstorm before the paint has had a chance to dry

2. For the best results, make sure your fence is in the best condition possible before painting – give it a good clean with Procoat Exterior Deck & House Wash to remove any dirt build up and prevent mould growth, and remove any loose, flaking paint

3. If you’ve used a long-acting cleaner on your fence, make sure there’s no residue remaining before you paint

4. Painting a fence doesn’t require any special tools, but you can make the job quicker and easier by using a brush designed for painting fences, like the PAL Fencemaster – you can also apply Procoat Fence Paint with a sprayer if you have a large area to cover

5. For new timber we recommend two coats are applied, for a maintenance coat you may only need one

6. Before you start painting give the paint a really good mix in the bucket using a broad, flat paddle