Living room flooring

Choosing flooring for the busiest room in the house is a big decision.

How you pick the flooring of your living room is important as affects the overall look and feel of the space, plus it needs to be practical for the room's many uses


Typically, a carpeted floor would be used in the living area as this was the room that had the fireplace and was used for the family to gather and hibernate. These days it’s more common to have a timber or concrete floor – but you can still obtain that ‘cosiness’ by throwing a large rug down – which will not only help define the area if you are in an open plan home but it will also help keep the warmth in during Winter.


Depending on your budget and situation at home i.e if you have pets or children or a lot of people in your house will determine what sort of flooring you lay.

Whether you go for a timber floor or a timber overlay or lino, tiles or carpet, you can get a price per square meter for the product and also get a separate price for the installation.