Improve the impact of the smallest room

The toilet's the most important seat in the house so opt for style and comfort.

Toilets should be considered very carefully, as even though they seem like a pretty straight forward item – there is a lot more to it than you think! Do some research on different models for flush pressure and water efficiency, height and bowl sizes to ensure you find a toilet that suits the space in your bathroom and looks great.

If you’re considering a wall hung toilet, they are fantastic for smaller bathrooms and easier to clean, however make sure your wall is wide enough to take the cistern.


You will not need a building consent when replacing a toilet, however if you want to move a toilet within your bathroom, you will. A licenced plumber must carry out this work.

When purchasing a toilet, check to see if your existing toilet has an S or P trap - or is wall mounted. It will be cheaper if you choose the same system as the existing.