Customise your storage

The art of customising storage does not need to be scary or daunting.

Books are a fantastic way to bring in colour and organisation to a room - if you have lots of books, it’s worth investing in a shelving unit to house them all in one place. That way, your storage becomes more about display, allowing the array of colours and fonts displayed on the spines of your books to become pieces of artwork.

If you have an open shelving unit to show off your cooking books, ceramics, glassware or china, colour code it subtly to make it look more planned and tidier.

If you have opened planned spaces in your home where storage or shelving often doubles as a home office, TV unit and bookcase, allocate different shelves for certain items - repetition always creates a sense of calm and symmetry. For example, place all of your working folders on one shelf - adjust the height to the shelf to fit these snugly. Another shelf could be used for your collection of DVD’s, another a stack of magazines, and another could showcase a single piece of artwork. When colours and objects are all placed together with a sense of belonging, each housed in their own space, you start to naturally create a personality for the room as all of your treasures are on display in an orderly fashion.