Create an inspiring office

Home offices are generally very functional, but why should it be boring?

You spend a fair amount of time in your office, so why not make it a more fun and inspiring place to work. Because not a lot of other people may see your office, it can be a great opportunity to experiment and do something different with the space you have.

We’ve personalised ours it with a bold blue colour, and softened it with some natural plywood on the wall and light timber flooring. A sheet of plywood was cut to an angle and helps break the block of blue colour, as well as adding a bit of interest to the room. We’ve attached a clock to it, but you could just as easily use it as a pin board.

A trestle table is incredibly easy to build, are easily moved around, and can be stored out of the way if needed. Simple industrial shelving is complemented with colourful storage baskets. Plus we’ve used functional lighting with the clip-on desk lamp, and have created some relaxing ambient light with the white pendant.