Create a playful kid's bedroom

A kid’s room is a great opportunity to get innovative and inventive.

Think outside the square and use things you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to in a child’s bedroom. We’ve used a number of items that are unexpected, and can easily be replaced to move with the times, and your kid’s evolving tastes.

A tool box is now a handy bedside table, the large blue rug was cut from a piece of hardwearing garage carpet. The outdoor beanbag will also be very durable inside – perfect for a kid’s space. And letterbox numbers and letters have been re-purposed to decorate the giant pinboard.

Have fun with lighting, and use it where you wouldn’t usually think to. Here, an outdoor light makes a great night-light, and the large ball-shaped pendant and cage light combine to create a fun and eclectic look.

Paint is inexpensive, and can help add interest and colour. Standard terracotta garden pots have been painted, and used to dress up an otherwise plain storage unit. And the wall boxes were easily made from plywood, and hand-painted to suit.