New accessories & furniture gives your bedroom a makeover

The style of furniture you choose will alter the entire look of your bedroom.

Whether you're after dressers, draws, a free-standing wardrobe, bedside tables or a new bed or bedhead, consider what look you want your bedroom to have.

You spend 6-9 hours in bed every single night, so having a comfortable bed is seriously important. And beds don’t need to be boring. With the incredible range of bed linens, covers and blankets you can design your bed to suit your style.


Bedroom furniture such as dressers and bedside tables are a great chance to bring in some personality and not only do they help with the practicalities of having somewhere to put your clothes, lamp and books, but they also help ground your bedroom by providing what I call furniture symmetry. Make sure you choose furniture that fits the size of your room and is a good scale comparative to your bed.