10 tips for an impressive, low maintenance garden

by GARDENA NZ Brand Ambassador Sarah O'Neil (Sarah the Gardener)

1. Grow what you love

Gardens are personal spaces. If you fill it with plants you love, you will be drawn to spending time in it. Caring for your garden then becomes a joy, instead of a chore.

2. Grow what suits your environment

There are many beautiful plants out there. However, not every plant is suited to your garden. Understanding your conditions and what the plants need will give happy, healthy plants without the struggle keeping them looking good.

3. If a plant is a pest or disease magnet - stop growing it

If you find you are always reaching for the pest spray or have a disease-prone plant, take the hassle out of your garden care routine and pull it out. Other hardier plants can take its place.

4. Set up irrigation on a timer

A well-watered garden gives a lush, verdant look. If you struggle to find the time to water often, install irrigation and plan the perfect watering schedule with a timer or water computer.

5. Mulch well

Not only will this contribute to low maintenance gardens by retaining moisture and keeping weeds down, but it can influence the look of the garden by providing an attractive backdrop to offset the plants.


6. Adding structures makes your garden look great

Plants needn’t be the only stars of the garden. A water feature, brightly painted arch, garden art or a statue/sculpture can help to provide interest all year round.

7. Check the garden often

It is easier to keep a garden in shape with a ‘little and often’ approach. Don’t wait until you need a full weekend to sort it out. Do a daily wander (maybe with a wine) pulling small weeds and deadheading flowers as you go.

8. Give plants the space they need

Plants have their own sense of space to grow to their full potential, so bear this in mind when planting. If crammed in too close, all of the plants will struggle.

9. Plant things that will give seasonal interest

Make sure your plant choices include something special for each season. Visit your Mitre 10 Garden Centre throughout the year to add interest to the garden instead of one big shop in the spring.

10. Feed often with a food suited to the plant

A happy plant is a healthy plant. A general fertiliser is a good place to start but some plants prefer a specific type of plant food to keep them looking at their best.