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Wattyl – Paints and Stains to Transform and Renew

Why choose Wattyl?

  • Designed for New Zealand conditions
  • Wattyl has a broad range of finishes approved by Environmental Choice New Zealand and the New Zealand Green Building Council
  • Market leading products with proven performance, reliability and durability such as Wattyl Solagard and Wattyl Forestwood

Wattyl Solagard

The ultimate protection designed for New Zealand conditions. The solution for all exterior timber, weatherboard, galvanized iron and roofing.

  • All Wattyl Solagard products are under 15 Year warranty against flaking, blistering and peeling (see Wattyl Solagard can for details)
  • Total Protection Technology™ – to keep your home looking better for longer
  • Designed to be applied to most exterior surfaces without the use of a primer
  • Easy to apply – with superior flow and smoothness, can be brushed rolled or sprayed
  • Outstanding durability and mould resistance
  • Blocks out harmful UV rays preventing them from penetrating and damaging the surface
  • Flexible – resists cracking and peeling
  • Cures at low temperatures down to 5 degrees

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is important when picking an exterior paint. White has an LRV of 100% whilst black is 0%. Light colours reflect heat and help to keep buildings cool whereas dark colours absorb heat and surfaces may become hot, causing thermal movement.

Wattyl Solagard Broadwall

No one understands the extremes of the New Zealand climate better than Wattyl. For total protection in any weather, year after year, turn to Wattyl Solagard. Wattyl Solagard has been providing exterior paint protection for decades, ensuring New Zealand homes look better for longer.

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Wattyl Solagard Deck & Timber

Solagard Deck & Timber Paint is designed for easy application onto timber decks and timber surfaces and gives long term protection in a low sheen finish. Ideal for walk-on surfaces, timber decks, fences, pergolas and trellis work.

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Wattyl Solagard Roof

Solagard Roof is a tough, 100% acrylic satin finish with exceptional weather resistance. It's designed to be applied to most new and previously painted galvanised iron, Zincalume, Colorsteel and concrete tile roofs without primer, and is formulated for excellent adhesion.

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Check out Wattyl Solagard Colour Charts here



Wattyl Forestwood

The Wattyl Forestwood Exterior Woodcare range is designed to restore, rejuvenate and protect all the exterior timber surrounding your home, from decks to outdoor furniture. Explore the range of finish options, base types and coloured stains to find what you need to give your timber surfaces the care they deserve.


Wattyl Killrust

Wattyl Killrust is the proven metal preparation and protection system for preparing, priming and adding colour through specialised top coats. Specifically formulated to rejuvenate, beautify and protect your metal surfaces, the Wattyl Killrust System makes painting metal an easy three step process.



Wattyl Killrust offers superior solutions for preparing rusted metal, clean steel and difficult to reach surfaces.

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Wattyl Killrust primers enhance adhesion and inhibit rust to fight corrosion and create a protective barrier for greater metal protection

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The range of Wattyl Killrust colours in Gloss Enamel are designed to provide superior protection.

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Check out Wattyl Killrust Colour Charts here




About Wattyl

Wattyl has led the field in ultra premium, technologically advanced interior and exterior finishes for more than a century. Founded in 1915, the brand is most famous for its Forestwood and Solagard exterior finishes that are specifically designed for New Zealand’s weather conditions. Today, Wattyl is an iconic and trusted brand offering exceptional paint solutions for DIY consumers seeking easily achievable, professional results that are both environmentally responsible and affordable.