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Life In Colour Dahlia Cactus 'Nuit D'ete' Pack of 1 Burgandy

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Mitre 10
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Dahlias bring life and beauty to any garden in summer, with a multitude of different eye catching colours and uniquely shaped blooms in a range of sizes. They love sun so choose a nice sunny spot in your garden. Ideally a spot that gets at least 4 hours of full sun a day. Dahlias will grow in almost any soil, but prefer well drained loamy soil conditions. They flower for months from early summer to early autumn.
Features and benefits
  • A dark burgundy cactus dahlia, almost black in the centre.
  • One of the darkest available.
  • 90cm tall plants with 12cm flowers.

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Leave dahlia tubers attached, do not pull them apart, or cut the tubers, just plant each clump of tubers intact, spreading them out in the hole, with the eyes facing up. Plant dahlia tubers 10-15cm inches deep, 45-60cm apart, depending upon the mature size of the plant. Dwarf dahlias that grow up to 30cm tall should be 30cm apart. 90cm tall dahlias, should be planted 45cm apart. Give dinner plate dahlias a full 50-75cm spacing between plants. Position the stakes or support structures at the time you plant your dahlia tubers.  More information on how and why to stake dahlias follows below.