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Get decorating with Resene

It’s amazing the difference a coat of paint can make. Resene has all the quality paint, primers, sealers, wood stains, coatings, specialty finishes, polyurethanes and colours you need to get a superb finish on your decorating projects. Choose from thousands of colours in the Resene Total Colour System from the latest fashion colours to the most popular Resene whites and neutrals. Once you’ve chosen your favourite Resene colours, get them tinted into the extensive range of Resene Environmental Choice approved low VOC* paints using Resene VOC free tinters. Check out our extensive range of Resene products from cleaners to top coats.


*Up to 30% off Resene Paint & Stains T&C: Discounts off the normal retail price 7 October – 31 October at Mitre 10 MEGA and selected Mitre 10 stores. Available in-store and online via click and collect only. Valid only with cash/credit card/EFTPOS purchases. Not available in conjunction with account sales, promotional vouchers/coupons or other offers. Excludes Resene Cleaners, trade, ECS, Crown products and PaintWise levy.



Cleaning is an important part of any painting project, from prepping surfaces for the best result to regular care and upkeep of your beautifully finished work. The Resene cleaning range is easy to use and there's something to suit every surface, whether inside or out.

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Primers and Sealers

To get the most out of every coat, surfaces should be properly prepared before you pick up a brush. Taking time to prepare, prime, and seal your surfaces will ensure the finished result is long lasting and attractive. Resene has a great selection of primers and sealers to suit every project.

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Get the most out of your Resene products

  • Gather together a scrapbook of colours you like – Take this with you when you are visiting stores and making choices. It will help our in-store team make recommendations.
  • Always choose the surfaces that have the least choice first – Such as your carpet, flooring, benchtop and roof colour - then choose your Resene paint colours.
  • If you think a colour you are looking at on a Resene colour chart may be too dark for your interior, choose a lighter colour – Colours will look more intense when they are painted onto a large indoor area.
  • When painting outside, the opposite rule applies – If in doubt, choose a darker Resene colour as the sun will make the colour seem lighter.
  • Colour can have a huge impact on how a room feels –Warm up a cool room by painting it in warm colours such as creams and reds. Or cool down a hot room by painting it soothing blues and greens.
  • If you’re opting for a neutral colour scheme, choose a colour family and then vary the strength from full to double, and quarter to half strength – This will help to add extra interest to the colour scheme. The Resene whites and neutrals collection has up to six strengths of each colour and is an easy way to get started on a neutral colour scheme.
  • Ceilings get less light than walls so the same colour on a ceiling will look darker than on a wall – Choose a half or quarter strength of your Resene wall colour if you want your ceiling to look the same strength or lighter than your wall. If you like to be able to clean your ceiling, choose Resene SpaceCote Flat instead of Resene Ceiling Flat.
  • Choosing the colour is only half of the job – You also need to choose the right Resene paint so your colour works well and looks good for many years to come. Resene colours can only be made correctly using Resene paints and Resene tinters.
  • When selecting colours, remember to factor in the gloss level – Most Resene colour charts are produced using Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen colour chips. If you use a gloss finish it will look brighter and cleaner; if you use a flat finish it will look darker and more intense.
  • The biggest cost of any paint job is the labour, whether you are doing it yourself (cost of your time) or hiring a painter (cost of their time). Invest in quality Resene paint so it keeps looking good and protecting your project for longer.
  • Take care to choose the right product for each part of your project. There are a huge range of paints and each is designed to do a specific job. Interior wet areas, such as bathrooms, use a waterborne enamel, such as the Resene Kitchen & Bathroom range. For other interior areas, low sheen for walls, such as Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen, flat for ceilings, such as Resene SpaceCote Flat, and semi-gloss, such as Resene Lustacryl, for trims and joinery are popular choices.
  • Always read the instructions before you start. While it can be tempting to jump right in, reading the instructions first can save you time, effort and frustration later.
  • Don’t skimp on your decorating accessories. The best paint job is achieved with the right brush, roller or application equipment for the job. If you use a cheap poor quality brush with high quality Resene paint you will not get the best performance out of the paint.
  • Prepare prepare prepare. Allow plenty of time for surface preparation. Many paint failures are caused by poor surface preparation.
  • Don’t paint in very hot or very wet conditions. If too hot the paint will dry too fast and give you a patchy result. If too wet the paint won’t be able to cure and long term performance may be affected.
  • If your paint is drying too fast in summer, add Resene Hot Weather Additive. This will slow down the drying and give you a longer wet edge, making it easier for you to get a great finish.
  • When you are taking a break for lunch or overnight, wrap brushes or rollers used with waterborne paints in clear food wrap or place in a sealed plastic bag. This will keep your paint fresh and save you having to wash out your tools.
  • If you have a less than perfect surface, use a lower sheen paint, such as Resene Lumbersider (exterior) or Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen (interior). The lower the sheen the more imperfections the finish will hide.
  • The higher the gloss level, the smoother the paint surface and the easier it will be to keep clean. Use a semi-gloss, such as Resene Lustacryl, or gloss, such as Resene Enamacryl, on doors, trim and joinery – it will make it easier to remove fingerprints later. On exteriors consider using Resene Sonyx 101 on weatherboards – this will be easier to wash and clean than a lower sheen finish and will help to hide more surface imperfections than a higher gloss finish.
  • Always clean out decorating tools well at the end of each job and hang them by their handles. This will keep the bristles or nap in its best condition for the next paint job. Quality decorating tools treated well can last for many paint jobs.

Top Coats

Resene has an extensive range of top coat options suitable for all your decorating projects around the home. From the handy Resene testpots through to the larger 10L pails, the range caters to projects no matter what size they are. Resene top coats are available in a huge amount of colours so you can get just the right look for your project. Shop now.

Resene testpot tip: When using a Resene testpot, always paint all of the testpot (two coats) onto a very large piece of A2 card leaving a border around the edge. You can then move it around the room or space during the day and night to see how it looks. The border will help you see the true colour and not be distracted by the existing colour on your walls. Roll the painted sample so the colour is innermost and look down into it. This will give you an idea of how the colour will multiply if it is used on all walls.


Choose your paint colour with these colour charts

Wood Stains and Clears

Resene has an extensive range of timber products, from decking stains through to clear finishes for your exterior timber. Whether you're aiming to restore, rejuvenate or completely reimagine your timber deck, flooring and outdoor furniture, Resene wood stains and clears provide your timber with the perfect finish. Shop now.



Textured, specialty and faux finishes

Get creative with your decorating projects with the Resene range of textured, specialty and faux finishes. You can turn your walls into interactive writing spaces, give them a magnetic effect, or recreate expensive finishes like plaster, sandstone, rust or weathered steel. Shop now.



Flooring and trafficable finishes

Some surfaces have to do more than look good. The Resene collection of interior and exterior flooring products deliver the perfect finishes you'd expect with the added benefit of abrasion resistance and non-slip properties. With Resene, you can get your desired look and optimal performance without sacrificing one for the other. Shop now.


About Resene

Resene has been proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated since it started in a Wellington garage in 1946. Though they've outgrown that garage, their products are still designed and made in Wellington with a focus on quality and reducing their environmental impact. Resene was named New Zealand’s Sustainable Business of the Year 2010 and Most Trusted Paint brand since 2012.


*VOC = Volatile Organic Compound. These are organic materials that will form a vapour in air under the range of environmental conditions in which we live. Organic compounds means compounds (or chemicals) that use carbon as their basic building block and most jurisdictions have accepted that volatile means compounds that have a boiling point of less than 250°C at normal temperature and pressure. They are in many products – such as hair spray, cleaning products and paints.  Solventborne paints have traditionally had VOC levels of 500 gms/L or more. Usually the higher the solvent level in the paint the higher the VOCs. VOCs can cause headaches and allergic reactions. So the lower the VOC the better. You can mitigate the effects of VOC with good ventilation and protective gear.  Once the paint is fully cured (normally 3 weeks) then no further VOCs are emitted. Waterborne paints tend to have VOC levels of 100 gms/L or less and some have much lower levels, like Resene Zylone Sheen VOC Free and Resene Non VOC tinters.