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Easy Steps to Recycle Your Lightbulbs

How can I recycle lightbulbs at Mitre 10?

Mitre 10 is committed to making a real and sustainable impact on the environment and the communities we are part of and to helping customers do their bit. That’s why that’s why you can now recycle your old lightbulbs in our stores.

It’s easy as! Here’s how.

Step 1
When you’re in-store buying replacements, drop off your old bulbs in the lightbulb recycling box.
Step 2
We'll send them to our recycler.
Step 3
Up to 100% of the lightbulbs are broken down to be used again as raw material for other products.


What bulbs are accepted?

Any traditional, typical household bulbs, be that Fluorescent or LED. This program is not designed to manage commercial volumes of Bulbs and is aimed at supporting residential customers.   Any Household bulb has the capability of being recycled, please bring it into the store and we will recycle this for you via our partner Interwaste. 

For trade customers, please contact Interwaste at 0800 102 131.

What if my bulb is broken?

Broken bulbs are a safety hazard and shouldn’t be recycled through this service.

What if I deposit my bulb but need it back?

For health and safety reasons, customers may not go through the bin.  

How are the lightbulbs recycled?

Head on over to our recycling partners web site, Interwaste to find out what happens once the lightbulbs leave our store.


If you have any questions, please contact Sustainability Manager Julie Roberts: [email protected]

Mitre 10 is committed to making a real and sustainable impact on the environment and in our communities. We do this by conducting our activities and business operations with the highest standard of environmental care and by developing easy sustainability solutions for our customers. See more sustainability projects we’re working on here.

Huge thanks to our partner on this important project: https://www.interwaste.co.nz



Recovered materials are used to make other products, such as Pinkbatts from glass. Our recycling partner, Interwaste, extracts mercury from bulbs and reprocesses it for future use in the dental industry. Aluminium and other metals are also separated and recycled.

Why are we recycling lightbulbs?

Most lightbulbs are not supposed to be put into the ordinary household rubbish collection or transfer stations as they are hazardous.   So, Mitre 10 have partnered with Interwaste to reduce the landfill and recycle as much of the light bulb as possible, depending on the bulb, as much as 100% can be recycled.  We landed on a practical solution that reduces landfill and our carbon footprint by recycling old lightbulbs, making better use of existing resources. Mitre 10 now offers a service for our customers to recycle their old redundant light bulbs when looking for a replacement, through our partner Interwaste.