Paving, landscape & exterior design

Garden paving is a great addition to any garden.

Whether you're looking to pave a path, set out a deck or add edging and embellishment, paving adds style and allows you to let your creativity loose.

A well designed house should link the house with the garden, not only physically but also visually. Paving really lets you be quite creative in how you do this, allowing you to play around with texture, colour and most of all – shape! You can create different patterns using different sized pavers, play with different colours, borders and paths – place a path through where your eye naturally moves through the garden.


Creating an exterior paving area is a great DIY job, with a little patience and planning you will be sitting back enjoying your space in no time at all.

Most paved areas are set into the ground so the pavers are sitting just above the ground.

Taking time to dig the area out and compact the base well will ensure a paved area that will last for many years to come.

You can build a timber border and lay your pavers within it or haunch around the edge of the pavers with mortar.

If possible it’s good to create an area to modular size of the paver to eliminate as much cutting of paving as possible.