5 brilliant lighting trends to try

<p>Getting your home lit up just right can make all the difference. When done right, light fixtures can bring an interior space added dimension, depth, and drama.</p><p>To help you elevate and brighten up your space, we&rsquo;ve put together are some of the top lighting trends we are sure to see this year.</p>


When we think of chandeliers, gold and glittery stones first come to mind. Now ditch that image and think more of modern, chic and structured. Chandeliers often dominate a room with its size, so it is important to not only think of it as a possible main source of light, but also regard it as a sculpture that can bring cohesion to a room.


Interior design that draws inspiration from nature and the outdoors helps make a space more calm and serene – this goes for lighting too. Fixtures that make use of organic material, rattan, and wooden elements, paired with a warm white bulb, can instantly soften the look of any room. They also look great matched up with some indoor plants.


The long and simple lines of linear light fixtures project a refreshing contemporary and seamless look. The minimalist silhouette will give your home a continuous line of light. It can stretch horizontally above a dining table with a strip of LED lights or illuminate the corner of a room with a slender floor lamp.


This throwback trend has bever really gone out of style, but it has come back more energised this time around. Art Deco is characterised by marble features, metallic colours, reflective surfaces, and sleek glass. This gives a room a nostalgic, yet timeless atmosphere – great for rooms that are used for entertaining.


Incorporating multiple fixtures in one room may sound like a lot but for large rooms that can accommodate multiple settings, this trend allows you to use lighting for different situations. Layers of light sources gives a space more depth as well as functionality to each corner. For instance, a chandelier can act as an accent light, while a table lamp on an end table can be used as a task light. Plus, directional spotlights can be used on another side of the room to highlight art pieces.