Create an on trend lounge using colour

A paint job can completely change the look and feel of any room.

You’ve got the freedom to be imaginative and experiment. Here’s how you can work with the current colour trends to create a cosy ambience in the lounge – perfect for relaxing in front of the fireplace.

We’ve used two of the most popular colours of moment, Resene Madam M and Resene Blanched Pink, to make an interesting and striking look. The two colours are seperated by a Dado line on the wall. You can see that you don’t need trim between the colours – a clean straight line easily does the same job.

You can also play around with the height of your Dado line, and consider how it works with the height of your furniture. Here we’ve made the line above the height of our couch, so it wasn’t interupted by the furniture.

The darker Madam M colour is on the bottom, which helps ground the room, while the lighter colour on top helps give the room an airy feel. Don’t be afraid of trying out different colour combinations – be bold, and have fun.