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Camping Essentials Checklist

One of the best things about camping in New Zealand is the simplicity of it. We reckon it’s great to explore the outdoors, soak up the sun and have some good old fashion family fun! Whether you are going to the bush or the beach you do need to be well prepared to ensure happy camping. The type of camping holiday you’re going on, who you’re going with and where you are going will affect what you pack. Whether you plan to pack everything but the kitchen sink or you prefer keep things minimal don’t leave home without running through our must do’s for any camper to ensure camping success.

  1. Tent check - before you leave, get out all your camping equipment, and give it a once over to make sure everything is working well. It’s much better to do this before you go away, while you can do something about any problems. Set your tent up to air it out, check you’ve got all the pegs and poles and that there are no holes or damage that need fixing. Remember to check that you have a suitable hammer to knock the pegs in.
  2. Car/boat & trailer maintenance - give your car a once over– check tyre pressure and oil and water levels and make sure you have current WOF and registrations on your car, as well as on the boat and trailor. It’s an important safety measure, not to mention how annoying a holiday breakdown is, especially if it could have been avoided!
  3. Know your destination – make sure you’ve checked what facilities your campground has, especially if you’re going to a remote area. For example, is there a store to buy food and supplies from? Will you need to purify drinking water? Are the sites powered or do you need to bring a gas stove? You want to know before you go.
  4. Stay safe and well – Pack a first aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellent, hand sanitizer and bottled water (if it’s not easily available).
  5. Be equipped – pack clothing for all weather: normal summer gear, warmer clothes for in the evenings and wet weather gear. Plus blankets for at night
  6. Pack a torch and batteries – no one wants to fumble around in the dark. A torch is a must when camping.