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Why choose Bosch?


Home Solutions Range across Home & Garden 

Bosch home and garden’s diverse range covers power tools, garden tools and measuring tools with batteries and accessories to power them all. Giving you access to a full home solution, all in one place.


Innovations & Quality

Bosch continues its legacy of innovation through features like the anti-blocking hedge cutter system, power assisted cutting in the EasyPrune, GlassVAC wiper blade technology and many more high-quality, innovative tools to help around the home and garden.


Easy to Use

Ease of use is at the forefront of Bosch products from the convenience of hedge cutter anti-blocking system, comfortable ergonomics of line trimmers, red highlights for ease of use and simple-to-follow displays on measuring tools. Everything comes together to make your experience seamless and let you focus on your projects.


Most Trusted Brands

Bosch was voted as Readers Digest Most Trusted Brand in DIY Power Tools since 2018.


Bosch 18V Cordless Power for all: A battery system for the entire home

In the POWER FOR ALL 18V Lithium Ion system, a single battery works with over 50 tools for DIY projects, garden maintenance and cleaning tasks around the home. This is a lightweight, long-life, industry leading battery that makes a perfect choice for a household with a growing collection of tools. Available in capacities of 2.5Ah to 6Ah to suit a range of tasks, the Bosch 18V system saves you space, money, and is kinder to the environment. Shop now





Bosch Power Tools

The Bosch range of DIY power tools will help you tackle any job life throws you at you, from large scale projects to quick fixes around the house. Giving you unlimited possibilities, whatever you want to build, you can build with Bosch. Explore the range of drills, sanders, saws and much more. Shop now




Bosch Power Garden Tools

Power garden tools are indispensable when it comes to maintaining your garden, lawns and hedges. Bosch garden tools make garden maintenance effortless and safe, so you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor living area than you do working on it. Shop now




Bosch Cleaning Solutions

Have the freedom to clean anywhere at anytime. Bosch makes cleaning up around the house faster and easier with a collection of flexible and effective cleaning solutions. Whether you're cleaning up your driveway and footpaths or washing your entire house, the Bosch range of cleaning tools and accessories will power through even the most stubborn dirt. Shop now




Bosch Measuring Tools

You only have to measure once to cut once with Bosch Measuring Tools. This range has a tool for every project, whether you need to measure, level, inspect or detect. Send that rusty old tape measure into retirement and stay project ready with Bosch. Whether it's upcycling a product, painting a room, or hanging frames, these tools will make it easy for you to finish your project with precision and accuracy. Shop now