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Genia has been supplying New Zealand tradespeople with timber garden and building products since 1993. The company has enjoyed an association with Mitre 10 spanning more than 20 years, supplying fence pickets, garden stakes, builders pegs and garden edging. In recent times Genia has expanded the product range for the New Zealand market with a focus on premium trellis panels, outdoor pine louvres and landscape screens.


Trellis panels & Privacy Screens
Produced using a high grade 12mm thick lath, giving finished sheets more stability. Genia have a dedicated added value plant with a team focusing on producing outdoor product over 2 shifts. We dispatch our panels within 2 days of orders being placed.
Landscape & Louvre Panels
A popular outdoor product, the landscape screen incorporates 90 x 19mm dressed palings fitted horizontally across the face, with vertical 12mm trellis batten on the back. Framed with a 70x35mm capping this is one sturdy panel.
Staystraight Laminated Fence Post
A premium quality engineered post, laminated and fingerjointed for strength and most importantly won't warp or twist. They are treated for durability and supplied kiln dried, ready to paint or stain. Perfect for quality fencing projects.
Radiata Pine balusters
Suited for balconies and fencing, Radiata Pine balusters are suited for balconies and fencing applications. Kiln dried for stability, Produced from NZ Dressing grade for a clean appearance, dressed 4 sides for a smooth, easy paint finish.
Motueka Pickets
Profiled pickets have been a traditional fencing option for decades. H3.2 treated to withstand the elements and machined dressed, they are durable and easy to work with. 1.8m pickets are a great option for security fencing.
Trellis accessories
Genia offers a quality, reliable supply of trellis components and accessories including; trellis battens in a variety of lengths and sizes, beading, lath & capping.
Castellated Cavity Batten
Genia have scaled up castellated batten production to provide quality, reliable and timely supply of their H3.2 treated fingerjointed double bevel product nationwide.

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