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The Aquamox system has transformed the way tiled showers are built in today’s homes.

A lightweight yet durable system allows for simpler installation which can cut days off the lengthy delays with other traditional methods. The ability to trim to size on site means that you can ensure an easy millimetre perfect fit around the most complex of designs. Consider Aquamox as the modular building blocks for your next tiled bathroom.

Aquamox has been used in some of New Zealand’s best commercial projects and is fast becoming the product of choice in New Zealand’s residential buildings.

BEAL certified to the New Zealand Building Regulations. The Aquamox Tile Backer Board and Shower Base System give you quality and performance, with the warranty to match.


Aquamox Pre-Contoured
Pre-Contoured to Drain
The pre-contoured design aids efficient drainage, removing hassle in wetroom and shower construction.
Aquamox Lightweight
High-density foam core design ensures Aquamox is lightweight yet sturdy, easing handling & transport.
Aquamox Durable
Fiberglass mesh & polymer cement coatings render Aquamox a highly durable solution for wetroom constructions.
Aquamox Easy to Install
Easy to Install
Aquamox's modularity allows for simple cuts & shaping, streamlining installation of tiled showers.
Aquamox Fast Curing Time
Fast Curing TIme
Ready to waterproof in just 4 hours, Aquamox's fast curing time accelerates bathroom construction processes.
Aquamox Cost-Effective
Cost Effective
Aquamox's quick installation reduces labour costs, making it an economical choice for bathroom builds.
Aquamox Heat & Sound Insulation
Heat & Sound Insulation
Besides being structural, Aquamox also offers heat & sound insulation, adding to its versatility.


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