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Women winning in trade

APRIL 19, 2022




At Mitre 10, we’re incredibly fortunate to have such a talented team representing our brand. For Trade – which has traditionally been a male dominated sector – we’re thrilled to see more and more females enjoying a career in the industry. Let’s meet Queenie, Hayley and Lorraine.  








Queenie - Trade Yard Manager - Mitre 10 MEGA Dunedin

Queenie is three years into her role as Trade Yard Manager and she loves it. She’s on a mission to carve a pathway for more women in Trade and creating an inclusive environment where customers love to be too.  
Queenie spent 25 years honing her skills in the supermarket industry before joining Mitre 10 as Stock Logistics Manager seven years ago. Leadership and team building have always been a big part of her job and it was this skillset and experience that led her to accept the position in Trade. She says: “I had never worked in the trade industry before...and when the role for Trade Yard Manager came up, I was approached to see if I would take it on. To be honest, my first reaction was no! There were no females in trade, I knew it would be both physically and mentally tough, and I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to hack it. But focussing on what I knew around leading a team, things slowly started coming together and I wouldn’t work in any other department now.  
“Having really good communication and organisational skills is important. You need a great attitude and a willingness to give it a go. You need to back yourself, be confident and love building relationships with people. 
Queenie’s favourite role, however, is that of Mum. “It doesn’t matter how many challenges I face in the day it’s the one thing I look forward to, going home to the love of my life. That’s another big win for Mitre 10 – having such a great focus on looking after their team.” 
Her advice for other women considering a career in Trade is: “Don’t be put off by it being dominated by men. Be true to yourself, stand your ground and know that you rightfully deserve a role in Trade and can add real value. Build a great team around you – you’ll then have all the support you need.” 
“You need to back yourself, be confident.” says Queenie 







Hayley - Trade Account Manager - Mitre 10 MEGA Whangarei

Determination and a great work ethic have been key attributes for our Trade account manager Hayley throughout her decade long career who, at one point prior to joining Mitre 10, held down three jobs at once, including working on a dairy farm! 
Being in a male-dominated industry doesn’t faze Hayley. “If there’s a wall put up in front of me, I’ll find a way around it! I want to show that just because I’m female, it can still mean I’m just one of the guys. I can lift the timber and the bags of cement, speak the lingo, and understand the jobs. 
“In the beginning, some clients would underestimate my knowledge, and say sceptically: ‘I don’t know if you’ll know the answer to this ...’ They’re pleasantly surprised when, of course, I do.” 
Her advice for other women wanting to get into the industry is, “Don’t be scared. Trade is fast-paced, but if you walk the yard, ask lots of questions, learn products, take the time to learn the lingo – and most importantly, get to know people  on a first name basis – it’s a great and very rewarding career.” 
“If there’s a wall put up in front of me, I’ll find a way around it!” says Hayley 








Lorraine - GM Trade - Mitre 10 MEGA Westgate & Henderson

Lorraine, a General Manager of Trade is incredibly passionate about people and building relationships with customers, suppliers,  and her team alike. She’s a strong advocate for women in trade and determined to attract more women into the industry.  
Leadership is a big part of Lorraine’s role. She says: “I spend my time ensuring there is a strong focus on our customers.”  
Witnessing first-hand the impact of the job is what really appeals to Lorraine about working in trade. “From seeing dirt being turned, concrete being laid, frames being put up etc., you see the passion from everyone that is involved in the process. It’s fast-paced, and no site is ever the same. I love the fact that I’m part of building great homes and businesses for generations to come.” 
As far as being a female in a male-dominated area goes? She loves that too. “I have found all the guys to be really welcoming – I believe they like the diversity in my thinking. There are more and more women on site nowadays.  
Her advice: “Look at it as a challenge, and even if it seems daunting, go for it. Back yourself - be open to ideas, listen and you’ll do great. Get yourself a support crew and a great mentor who will provide feedback. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. You’ll be surprised at just how much you’ll learn in those moments. 
“I spend my time ensuring there is a strong focus on our customers” says Lorraine  


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