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Bring your ideas and colour to life with Valspar

Exclusive to Mitre 10, Valspar makes it easy to give any room in your house a refreshing new look. From prepping to clean up, we've got you covered!

  • Paint and Primer in One
  • Smoother application and finish
  • Made for New Zealand conditions
  • Low odour and VOC**
  • Love your Colour Guarantee
  • Excellent stain resistance and washability
  • Super durable –  to last the rigours of every day living
  • Fast drying and easy clean up


Match any colour you want

Match any colour you want. Whether it's from a loved piece of clothing or your favourite home accessories, simply take a sample to your local store and our colour experts will help you recreate it in your choice of paint.

*Sample item needs to be a flat solid colour, with a surface area of 30mm in diameter so that the spectrometer can read the colour from the object. Once the colour has been read, it's communicated to the automatic tint machine that will deliver the formula. Valspar cannot create metallic or fluorescent colours, and cannot match the colour of anything that's shiny or transparent.


Love your Colour Guarantee

Choosing that right shade of colour can often be difficult. The Love Colour Guarantee can take away the stress of making the wrong choice. If you don’t love the Valspar Interior colour you buy, they’ll give you a new colour for FREE.

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*Only applies to 4L purchases to a maximum of 2 x 4L.


HYDROCHROMA®: 100% Water Based

Exclusive to Valspar, HYDROCHROMA is a breakthrough high performance colourant system, 100% water based, using super strength pigments. This technology provides a broader range of deeper, more vibrant colours, superior water based paint compatibility and advanced fade resistance. HYDROCHROMA is the best way to tint water based paint and delivers better paint performance, improved colour blocking and durability as well as a faster drying time.


The painting process in 3 simple steps – Plan, Prep and Paint


Planning is key to painting like a pro! From choosing a colour to making sure you have the right tools, considering the below will make your DIY project easy and hassle free.

  • Consider colours in the room  Keep in mind the colour of floors and furniture in the space, as they will need to work with the colour of the walls.
  • Determine the undertone  All whites and neutral colours carry either a cool or warm ‘undertone’. Ensure the undertones of your walls and fixtures match. Add contrasting colours in small amounts to create focus areas.
  • Consider the mood – Light colours feel airy and slightly feminine, whilst dark colours can feel moody or cozy. Contrasting light and dark colours in a space will make it feel more dynamic.
  • Seek inspiration – Look online and in magazines for inspiration – you may find the right colour in a cushion or a piece of art - then create a mood board of colours and styles.
  • Use swatches and test pots – Test your paint on a large card and put it next to fixtures and furnishings at different times of the day.
  • Determine the amount of paint – Measure surface areas and ask your local Mitre 10 paint expert for advice on how much paint you will need.

Tip: An average bedroom only needs one tin of 4L Valspar paint.

Now that you have your colour, the right tools and the right amount of paint, it’s time to start prepping. This stage is an essential part of creating a beautiful, long lasting finish.

  • Clean
    • A couple of days before you start painting, you will need to make sure walls are clean.
    • Remove any mould present with an anti-mould sterilizing solution.
    • Wash surfaces with a mixture of Sugar Soap and fresh water, making sure that all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly.
    • Rinse off with fresh water to remove any of the Sugar Soap solution and allow to dry completely.
  • Eliminate imperfections
    • Fill and sand any cracks or holes with a suitable filler or putty and lightly sand timberwork and brush away any dust.

Tip: 220 grit works well to remove any flakes or splinters and ensure it is smooth.

  • Protect and mask
    • On the day, remove or cover any furniture, floor and other items in the room, to make sure they’re protected from paint spatter.
    • Apply a good quality, low tack masking tape to the areas you don’t want to get paint on, like skirting boards, trims and windows.

Your walls are clean and smooth, floors and furniture are protected and your masking tape is up. It’s time to paint!

  • Stir – Before you start painting, it’s important to give your paint a good stir to get a nice and even consistency.
  • Cutting in – ‘Cutting in’ is the process of applying paint to the corners and detailed edges of your wall, where rollers and wide brushes can’t reach. Tip: Use a premium quality synthetic brush for a high quality finish.
    • Start by applying paint to the edges of the wall, working your way from one corner around the wall.
    • Work quickly to maintain a wet edge and finish with long, gentle brush strokes. Don’t apply too much paint and make sure you feather the edges for an even finish.
  • First coat – Paint and Primer
    • Load paint evenly onto a good quality synthetic roller. Apply paint to the remainder of the wall and spread it out. Tip: Use a 10-12mm NAP synthetic roller to hold paint well.
    • Reload and repeat, painting a half to one metre wide sections at a time, until entire surface is evenly covered. Lay off with long gentle strokes from ceiling to floor. Leave to dry for approximately 2 hours.
  • Second coat
    • Apply the second coat with the same technique used for first coat to complete your project with a beautiful, rich, uniform finish.
  • Remove masking tape while paint is still wet – If your paint dries before you've removed the tape, you can run a knife lightly along the edge of the tape to remove it without pulling off any paint.

Interior Paint

Valspar Interior Paint is a range of ultra premium acrylics designed to make your decorating project easy and enjoyable. With a huge range of colours and finishes for different applications, you'll find everything you need to cover every room in the house. Shop now.


Valspar Exterior protects and decorates the outside of your home, resists mould and algae, and protects against cracking, flaking and peeling. Formulated to keep your home and garage looking great for longer. Choose from a huge selection of colours and finishes to get your place looking just right.

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Changing the outside of your home is easy too, as Valspar offers a Home-Life Residential Warranty on their exterior paint products for complete protection against flaking, peeling and blistering.

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Valspar Trim protects and accentuates all your interior and exterior trim for beautiful, long-lasting results. These products promise complete protection for doors, windows and trims.


Valspar Water Based Trim are tough and durable enamel paints that are easy to clean and provide a tough, durable, non-yellowing coating for trim surfaces.

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Valspar Oil Based Trim are smooth enamel coatings with excellent washability and scuff resistance designed to protect and decorate your home.

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Using an exterior oil on your home’s exterior wood will help protect it from UV rays and moisture to keep it looking better for longer. With a range of beautiful timber tones and base types, you can breathe fresh life into your timber with Valspar. Shop now.




About Valspar

Valspar has been pushing the boundaries of paint science and innovation since 1806, using the world’s leading coating expertise and base technologies to deliver premium coating solutions that exceed market needs for improved performance, consistent quality and customer value. Whether it’s a style, feeling, statement or mood, Valspar colours help you create a space you can’t wait to come home to. Valspar is available exclusively at Mitre 10 in New Zealand with a simple yet effective range of premium product.



**VOC = Volatile Organic CompoundThese are chemicals traditionally used in paints to improve the brushability and flow of the paint product. VOCs are released during the drying process and they contribute to poor indoor air quality. The higher the VOC level of a paint product the greater the impact on the environment. With low VOCs and low odour, Valspar Interior reduces indoor air pollution when compared with more traditional paints, making it a better choice for you, your family and the environment.