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These FAQs will help you to find out more about SmartMate National accounts.

The FAQs are split into two sections:-

  • Section 1 – If you don’t yet have a SmartMate National Account and want to know more.
  • Section 2 – If you already have a SmartMate National Account and have a few more questions.

SECTION 1 - wanting to know more about SmartMate National Accounts

1. What is a Mitre 10 SmartMate National Account?

A SmartMate National Account is a credit account for business, trade and commercial customers who need to purchase across the country.

SmartMate National Account holders can access their trade pricing on a wide range of products and services at all participating Mitre 10 stores nationwide. One account with Mitre 10 and access to purchase instore and online at all participating stores.

2. How does a SmartMate National Account work?

SmartMate National Accounts are operated by using a SmartMate National Account card and PIN. Just like using your bank card – your SmartMate National Account card will be scanned at checkout and you will be asked to enter your PIN. This is to keep your account secure. The unique ID means you will know which of your Authorised Purchasers had purchased which products. All invoices are consolidated into one account and viewable in our CCA Portal. Purchases can be made instore or via The Mitre 10 Trade Hub. For building and construction customers you get the full functionality of Trade Hub which includes creating your own estimates and favourites lists. For other businesses you can view pricing and place orders.

3. Who can open a SmartMate National Account?

All New Zealand registered businesses are eligible to apply for a SmartMate National account. You will need to provide your New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) and your business IRD number when you apply for an account.

4. What is a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)?

Check out the New Zealand Business website for further details on

In summary, “NZBN is a globally unique identifier, available to every Kiwi business. Whether you’re self employed or a major corporation, there’s an NZBN for you”. Some of the benefits of an NZBN are that you can have your account set up correctly with the right legal entity, if you need to provide information to other businesses you can also get just give them your NZBN. It also gives your clients certainty on who they are dealing with. You can apply on line and it’s free.

5. What do I do if our business doesn’t have an NZBN Number?

If you don’t already have an NZBN you can apply for one through the government NZBN website

6. How do I enquire about a SmartMate National Account?

Enquire online through the Mitre 10 Trade site - on the SmartMate National Account click on “Enquire Now” and e-mail us with your company details and one of our team will get back to you to discuss your business needs and whether a National Account is the right account for you.

7. Once I have applied online for a SmartMate National account what is the next step?

Once Mitre 10 receives your enquiry, firstly one of the team will call you to discuss your account needs. We will then send a credit application to complete, this will then be reviewed and processed. If we have any questions or need to check anything with you, we will be in touch. Once your application is approved, we will open your account, and work with you to order your new SmartMate National Account cards and help you get started.

8. How long does it take to receive my SmartMate National Account card and pin?

Once your application has been received, it will take around 10 working days for your account to be opened and your SmartMate National Account cards to be sent to you in the post.

9. What do I do if my cards don’t arrive?

If your cards do not arrive, you can e-mail [email protected] provide us with your name and your company name, and we will track this down for you and be in touch as soon as we can.

10. What discounts and pricing will I get using my SmartMate National account?

The discounts and pricing you will receive will be based on your business industry type and the estimated spend amount that you have indicated on your application form.

11. How do I purchase when I get to a store?

Simply present your SmartMate National Account card at checkout, your card will be scanned, you will need to enter your PIN to validate your account and you can then take the goods.

12. Can I purchase online if I have a SmartMate National Account?

Yes - As a SmartMate National Account holder you will automatically be given access to the Mitre 10 Trade Hub – our online pricing and ordering tool for trade and business customers. You will be able choose the store to purchase from, place your order online, for either collection or delivery. To protect your account, when collecting goods instore a SmartMate National Account card and PIN must be used.

13. Can I order SmartMate National Account cards for employees to be able to use this account for business purposes?

Yes, you can order additional cards for Authorised Purchasers for your company or business, for business use. When you apply, provide us with their details and we will set them up with personalised cards and pins.

SECTION 2 - more information for customers that have a SmartMate National Account

14. I have received my SmartMate National Account card and pin but it doesn’t seem to be working – what do I need to do?

Contact our team on [email protected] provide us with your name, mobile number and company details plus some details of the issue you have had and we will look into this and get back to you as soon as possible.

15. Can I change the pin for my card or for one of our Authorised Purchasers?

Yes - You can maintain PINs and permissions for all team members through the CCA Portal.

16. I would like to add additional Authorised Purchasers to our company SmartMate National Account, how can I do this?

E-mail us on [email protected] provide us with your name and your company name and the following details for each additional authorised purchase – first name, surname, e-mail address and mobile number. Please note, the e-mail address for each person has to be unique, no duplicate e-mail addresses can be used in our systems. Each Authorised Purchaser will have their own personalised card, with their name printed on the back and their own pin.

17. I need to set up my Trade Hub access so I can order online, but have not yet received the activation e-mail, what should I do?

The activation e-mail should have been automatically sent to you - as the first step, please check your spam folder to see if the e-mail has gone into your spam folder. If you cannot find the e-mail, please contact us on [email protected] provide us with your name and your company name, and we will generate another activation e-mail for you.

18. I usually use Internet Explorer but can’t seem to view Trade Hub correctly – how can I resolve this?

Please use Google Chrome when accessing the Trade Hub, this will resolve these issues for you, as the system is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

19. I would like to know more about how to make the most out of using Mitre 10 Trade Hub – how do I find out more?

Log into Trade Hub – go to the HELP section in the top right corner. You will find user guides and videos to help you. We do have two types of views in the Trade Hub “Trade” and “Business”. The “Trade” view is relevant to builders and construction industry and the “Business” view to all other types of business – depending on your type of business, there may be some functions that aren’t applicable to you.

20. I would like to add additional team members to our Trade Hub account, so they can place orders online, how do I do this?

Log into Trade Hub – go to the help section in the top right corner, locate the SmartMate National Account Trade Hub user guide and this will have all the details you need to set up your team on Trade Hub.

21. One of our Authorised Purchasers has either lost or had their SmartMate National Account card stolen, how can we cancel this?

You can deactivate the card or change the PIN within the CCA Portal. E-mail us on [email protected] provide us with your name and your company name and the name of the Authorised Purchaser who has lost their card. We will assist you with getting a new card and pin.