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  1. The purpose of the SmartMate Cash Account is to allow Customers to access Discounts on selected goods and services purchased from a Participating Store without having to open a credit account.
  2. To receive Discounts, an Authorised Purchaser must simply present the Card and PIN at a Participating Store and must pay for the goods in full by an approved payment method at the time of collecting the goods.
  3. The use of the Card constitutes acceptance of the below terms and conditions.
  4. The SmartMate Cash Account terms and conditions do not alter, vary or amend any terms of sale/trade between the Customer/Authorised Purchaser and Participating Store, and in the event of any conflict the terms of sale/trade with the Participating Store will apply.
  5. The SmartMate Cash Account is intended to provide Customers with a way of purchasing goods and services for business and/or commercial purposes from stores in the Mitre 10 network.  Customers participating in the SmartMate Cash Account can to purchase goods and services at any Mitre 10 store on any other terms agreed between the Customer and that store.
  6. The Customer agrees that it will only distribute Cards to its Authorised Purchasers.  The Customer also agrees that it will ensure that the Authorised Purchasers have read these terms and conditions and will abide by them. The Customer will be liable for all Card use, and Card purchases made, by their Authorised Purchasers.


  1. The Card is issued by and remains the property of Mitre 10 and must be destroyed, or returned to Mitre 10, at Mitre 10’s request. 
  2. Mitre 10 reserves the right, at any time without notice, to:
    1. suspend, modify or terminate the SmartMate Cash Account;
    2. withdraw or terminate a Customer or an Authorised Purchaser from the SmartMate Cash Account and direct a Participating Store to not accept the Card of such Customer or Authorised Purchaser if Mitre 10 has reasonable grounds to believe that the Card is not being used for its intended purpose (including, but not limited to, misuse of the Card or a failure to meet any minimum purchase requirements that may be implemented from time to time); and
    3. alter or amend the conditions of operations of the SmartMate Cash Account. 
  3. The Card is not a method of payment and goods and services must be paid for in full by the Authorised Purchaser at the time of purchase in an acceptable form of payment to the Participating Store. SmartMate Cash Account purchases cannot be paid for using Airpoints Dollars or any other payment method that the Participating Store determines.
  4. Cards are not transferable and only the Authorised Purchaser is permitted to use their allocated Card. The Authorised Purchaser must keep its PIN confidential. If an Authorised Purchaser suspects that someone (other than the Customer) knows or may know the PIN, they must advise the Customer immediately.
  5. The Customer is required to advise Mitre 10 immediately on [email protected]  if the Customer becomes aware that, or suspects that, a: (a) Card is lost or stolen; (b) Card has been used without consent; (c) PIN becomes known to someone who is not the Customer or the Card’s Authorised Purchaser; or (d) record of a PIN is lost or stolen. The Customer can request additional Cards from Mitre 10 by contacting [email protected]
  6. The Card is strictly for business purchases only and is valid for use in Participating Stores. To be eligible for Discounts, the Card must be physically presented at point of sale prior to completing the transaction with the PIN, any reproduction or copy of the Card will not be accepted. Presentation of a proof of purchase after a sale will not be accepted to claim for retrospective Discounts.
  7. Mitre 10 makes no representation as to which stores within the Mitre 10 network are Participating Stores, and reserves the right to add/remove Participating Stores without notice. Mitre 10 will publish the details of Participating Stores at Mitre 10 is not liable for any resulting loss of rewards or benefits should this occur.
  8. Mitre 10 and its respective officers, agents and employees make no representation or warranty as to the quality, suitability, or merchantability of any goods or services purchased from a Participating Store. 
  9. Mitre 10 and its respective officers, agents and employees are not liable for any loss or damage directly or indirectly arising from:
    1. any purchase made between Customer/Authorised Purchaser and Participating Stores; 
    2. any failure of a Customer/Authorised Purchaser to notify a Participating Store that a transaction is eligible for any Discounts; 
    3. any delay in issuing or replacing a Card or for any unauthorised use of a Card; 
    4. any failure to notify Customers/Authorised Purchasers of any changes in these terms and conditions; 
    5. any loss, damage, cost or expense suffered or sustained by anyone in connection with the SmartMate Cash Account, including the suspension and/or termination of the SmartMate Cash Account or a Customer/Authorised Purchasers participation in the SmartMate Cash Account.
  10. Customers and Authorised Purchaser accept that Mitre 10 may collect, use or disclose their personal information in accordance with Mitre 10’s Privacy Statement.
  11. Customers must notify Mitre 10 of any change in circumstances, (e.g. address), which may affect the accuracy of the information provided to Mitre 10. Customers and Authorised Purchaser have the right to access and request correction of personal information through the following communication channels: 
  12. Emailing [email protected]; or
  13. A Customer or Authorised Purchaser may at any time end their participation in the SmartMate Cash Account by notifying Mitre 10 and returning the Cards, after such time all benefits relating to the SmartMate Cash Account will cease.
  14. Customers are able to access the details of their Discounts by logging into their Trade Hub Account.


  1. Authorised Purchaser means the individual(s) registered by the Customer to be issued with a Card for participation in the SmartMate Cash Account.
  2. Card means the SmartMate Cash owned by Mitre 10 and issued to the Customer for distribution to its Authorised Purchasers to enable purchases under the SmartMate Cash Account.
  3. Customer means the trade or business entity that has been accepted into the SmartMate Cash Account by Mitre 10 and has had Cards issued to it its Authorised Purchasers.
  4. Discount means the discount pricing matrix assigned to the Customer by Mitre 10 for discounts on selected goods or services, as set, amended and updated by Mitre 10 (in its sole discretion) from time to time. 
  5. Mitre 10 means Mitre 10 (New Zealand) Limited and includes any successors or assigns.
  6. Participating Store means the Mitre 10 stores that have elected to participate in the SmartMate Cash Account.
  7. PIN means the 4 digit pin number allocated by the Customer to the Card.
  8. SmartMate Cash Account means the programme contemplated by these terms and conditions, and any terms agreed from time to time between Mitre 10 and Participating Stores, which provides Customers with the option to purchase goods and services at prices determined in accordance with the Discount.