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SmartMate Cash Account FAQs

These FAQs will help you to find out more about SmartMate Cash accounts.

The FAQs are split into two sections:- 

  1. Section 1 – If you don’t yet have a SmartMate Cash Account and want to know more.
  2. Section 2 – If you already have a SmartMate Cash Account and have a few more questions.


SECTION 1  - wanting to know more about SmartMate Cash Accounts

1. What is a Mitre 10 SmartMate Cash Account?

A SmartMate Cash Account is a pay-as-you-go account for business, trade and commercial customers. SmartMate Cash Account holders can access their trade pricing on a wide range of products and services at all participating Mitre 10 stores nationwide. Convenient and flexible. Pay for your goods at time of purchase.

2. How does a SmartMate Cash Account work?

SmartMate Cash Accounts are operated by using your SmartMate ID on your mobile phone with your PIN. You will always have to present your SmartMate ID at checkout, this will be scanned at checkout and you will be asked to enter your PIN. This will enable your trade discounts to be applied to your purchases.  Pay for your goods at the time of purchase and you are good to go!

3. Who can open a SmartMate Cash Account?

All New Zealand registered businesses are eligible to open a SmartMate Cash account.  You will need to provide your New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) and your business IRD number when you apply for an account.

4. What is a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)?

Check out the New Zealand Business website for further details on 

In summary, “NZBN is a globally unique identifier, available to every Kiwi business.  Whether you’re self employed or a major corporation, there’s an NZBN for you”.

“Your NZBN makes doing business faster and easier because it links to your core business information (known as Primary Business Data). This includes things such as your trading name, mobile number or email.”

5. What do I do if our business doesn’t have an NZBN Number?

If you don’t already have an NZBN you can apply for one through the government NZBN website

6. How do I apply for a SmartMate Cash Account?

Apply online through the Mitre 10 Trade site Click on “Apply now”. Complete all your company details. Read through the Terms and Conditions, if you accept the Terms and Conditions then simply click on “Submit” and your application will be submitted to Mitre 10. Applicant will receive an email confirmation that Mitre10 have received your application. If you haven’t received this, kindly contact [email protected].

7. Once I have applied online for a SmartMate Cash account what is the next step?

Once Mitre 10 receives your online account application, this will be reviewed and processed.  If we have any questions or need to check anything with you, we will be in touch. Once your application is approved, we will open your account and will email you to confirm your account has been opened and next steps to generate your SmartMate ID and PIN.

8. How long does it take to open a SmartMate Cash Account?

It will take around 3-4 working days for your account to be opened.

9. How do I get my SmartMate ID?

When your account is opened, a Mitre 10 TradeHub activation email will be sent to your email address. We will also send you an email with instructions on how to access Mitre 10 TradeHub online portal to instantly generate your SmartMate ID and PINS for your business.

10. What discounts and pricing will I get using my SmartMate Cash account?

The discounts and pricing you will receive will be based on your business industry type and the estimated spend amount that you have indicated on your application form.

11. How do I access my discounted pricing?

Simply present your SmartMate Cash account digital ID/ card at checkout, your card will be scanned, you will need to enter your PIN to validate your account and your trade pricing will be applied.

12. Can I purchase online if I have a SmartMate Cash Account?

As a SmartMate Cash Account holder you will automatically be given access to the Mitre 10 Trade Hub – our online pricing and ordering tool for trade and business customers.  You will be able to place your order online and then pay for the goods when you collect them from the selected Mitre 10 store.

13. Can I get a SmartMate ID for additional employees for business purposes?

Yes, you can add additional Authorised Purchasers for your company or business, for business use. This can be done through Mitre 10 TradeHub in the “Staff” tab. You can add these Authorised Purchasers and instantly generate their SmartMate ID and PIN. The SmartMate ID will be sent to the Authorised Purchasers mobile number and you will then need to notify them of the PIN. 


SECTION 2  - Additional information for customers that have a SmartMate Cash Account

1. Can I change the PIN for my SmartMate ID or for one of our Authorised Purchasers?

Yes you can do this in Mitre 10 TradeHub in the “Staff” tab.

2. One of our Authorised Purchasers has left the company. What should I do?

If Authorised Purchaser has left the business, your own administrator will be able to deactivate the SmartMate ID by accessing the “Staff” tab in TradeHub and turn OFF the SmartMate ID toggle.

3. One of our Authorised Purchasers has lost/changed their mobile phone. What should I do?

Your key contact or your own administrator can deactivate the SmartMate ID and re-generate a new SmartMate ID to the Authorised Purchaser mobile number.

4. One of our Authorised Purchasers did not receive a SmartMate ID on their mobile number? What should they do?

Your key contact or administrator will be able to check and resend the SmartMate ID to them via TradeHub.

5. How do I download and save the SmartMate ID into my mobile phone?

Please refer to the install pop up instructions with details on how to download the SmartMate ID into your mobile phone. This will be available once Authorised Purchaser clicks on the URL link in the SMS.

6. I need to set up my Trade Hub access so I can order online, but have not yet received the activation e-mail, what should I do?

The activation e-mail should have been automatically sent to you - as the first step, please check your spam folder to see if the e-mail has gone into your spam folder. If you cannot find the e-mail, please contact us on [email protected] provide us with your name, account code and your company name, and we will generate another activation e-mail for you.

7. I usually use Internet Explorer but can’t seem to view Trade Hub correctly – how can I resolve this?

Please use Google Chrome when accessing the Trade Hub, this will resolve these issues for you, as the system is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

8. I would like to know more about how to make the most out of using Mitre 10 Trade Hub – how do I find out more?

Log into Trade Hub – go to the HELP section in the top right corner.  You will find user guides and videos to help you.  We do have two types of views in the Trade Hub “Trade” and “Business”.  The “Trade” view is relevant to builders and construction industry and the “Business” view to all other types of business – depending on your type of business, there may be some functions that aren’t applicable to you.

9. How do I add additional staff to be able to access the TradeHub online portal?

Log into Trade Hub – go to the help section in the top right corner, locate the SmartMate Cash Account Trade Hub user guide and this will have all the details you need to set up your team on TradeHub.

10. What if my Authorised Purchasers does not have a smartphone?

Please email [email protected] to discuss a solution.

11. What if I have issues with downloading the SmartMate ID?

Please email [email protected] to discuss a solution.