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On Top: The latest from Roofing Industries

NOVEMBER 22, 2019








Despite the unsettled weather, Roofing Industries Marketing Manager Paul Ross says sales are still buoyant and the company is readying for summer and the launch of its latest product – True Oak Deep™. 

We caught up with Paul recently to get an update on the industry, trends he’s seeing, and the importance of choosing the right product for the project.  

Roofing Industries is now a national supplier of Mitre 10 Trade, with its full range of products available for order at your local store. For further information, chat with your account manager. 

How is business going in the roofing industry? 

Paul: Sales are still reasonably buoyant, however they have been somewhat affected by the weather. Although area dependant, a steady flow of residential plans generally continue for pricing, although some specifiers report a slowing of design work. 

What are the trends you’re seeing? 

Paul: A number of high-end builds are underway and the use of Roofing Industries Eurostyle™ wide tray Roofing and Cladding in the epic™, spanlok™ and eurolok™ product variations, are all the flavour of the moment. Manufacturing innovation by Roofing Industries has seen a significant rise in demand across residential, commercial and rural sectors. There is also a growing demand for mono pitch homes, and this is where Roofing Industries True Oak® Corrugate, possessing the benefit of being installed at a four-degree roof pitch, has been very successful. It also has benefits of having great aesthetics and incredible strength. 









Tell us about the launch of your new product True Oak Deep™?

Paul: It’s no secret that our patented True Oak Corrugate metal roofing and cladding has been widely accepted by architects/designers and building owners alike. As an innovator in our field, it was a no brainer to continue innovating and to further develop The True Oak range. 

We’re really pleased to announce the launch of True Oak Deep™, which is a bolder metal corrugate roofing and cladding. It replicates the fiber cement ‘Super Six’ product of yester year, which was used for many years on residential and commercial roofing projects around New Zealand. 

True Oak Deep™ is manufactured in New Zealand and supplied as a long run roofing and cladding product supplied cut to length. This allows simple replacement along with re-roofing of existing projects, thereby maintaining the aesthetics of the project.   

It has an allowable roof pitch as low as three degrees, and is strong, bold, has excellent water carrying /shedding capability plus great effective sheet coverage. Couple that with varying metal substrates and a modern Colorsteel and Colorcote paint coatings, we’re confident True Oak Deep™ will be a winner in the construction sector.  











What’s important to consider when choosing a roofing product? 

Paul: This primarily depends on whether it’s a new build, addition or re-roof. Obviously, aesthetics is generally the most important thing in our mind, however there are some other important decisions such as performance and durability. 

At Roofing Industries we manufacture a large range of metal substrates (steel, aluminium, stainless steel and copper to name a few) and also have an extensive range of pre-painted surface coatings such as Colorsteel. 

It is of utmost importance that the product is the right one for the project and its location. Some areas of the country are affected by salt or geothermal and others have extremely high wind loads and rainfall affecting both roofing and spouting etc performance. 

Owners and designers can use our environmental guide charts and our technical literature on our website or grab a copy from Mitre 10 Trade team. Or, we have a freephone 0800 844 822 technical information line to chat with our professional staff to fully assist in making this important decision. 




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