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AUGUST 1, 2022 




Hi guys, Hayden here to keep you up to speed with the Hyundai New Zealand Rally team’s 2022 campaign in New Zealand and Europe.

Since I last wrote, it’s been all go for the team.

I was really pleased to achieve our goal of winning the South Canterbury Rally, which was round 3 of the New Zealand Rally Championship in the middle of June. This made sure we’d done all we could to bank maximum championship points given we’ll be missing the fourth round in Hawke’s Bay on 23 July.

Immediately after the Timaru Rally, I was on the plane to meet up with my co-driver John Kennard in the Piedmont region of northern Italy where we competed in Rally di Alba the very next weekend. This tarmac rally is part of the competitive Tour European Rally (TER) Championship and it’s been about five years since I last competed on tarmac so we weren’t expecting too much. We were in a Hyundai i20 R5 run by Hyundai Motorsport Italy (HMI) who did a great job with the car for us. To finish first in the TER category and fourth overall, just 20 seconds behind the winner after nine special stages of tarmac competition was really pleasing.










For over 50 years Bailey Tanks have been in the industry developing & perfecting rainwater harvesting systems. Suitable for a variety of purposes, the versatility and efficiency of this system makes it’s an excellent addition to anyone looking to conserve water and money! With tanks ranging from 425 litres to 30,000 litres and 11 colour choices, there is a tank to fit neatly into even the smallest of urban back yards. Made from long-lasting polyethylene plastic, our water tanks have a service life of 40+ years. At the end of which, they can be easily recycled and used again, and again.










Blue Mountain Co designs and develops products to meet some of the toughest natural conditions on the planet, so that our consumers are prepared for the future. With more than 25 years’ experience in rain harvesting, our extensive product range is the result of careful testing, innovation, and refinement. With products such as Rain Heads, First Flush Diverters, Tank Screens and Overflows and our new digital tank monitoring solution - The Tank Gauge Plus Blue Mountain Co. have the products you need to design the ideal Rain Harvesting system whatever your needs, location, and situation.











Hansen Tank Fittings are high-quality UV resistant fittings designed for use in tanks of any type, size, or pressure. Materials are approved for use with potable (drinkable) water and are also resistant to saltwater making them ideal for a broad range of rural, domestic, and marine applications. 100% Kiwi owned and operated – Proudly manufactured in Whangarei.










Especially designed to suit New Zealand conditions the Marley Twist® offers a solution to our ever-increasing demand for water. The Marley Twist® is a compact rainwater diverter that turns a downpipe into a free source of water (not potable). Designed for easy installation into existing downpipe, Twist has an on-off function that allows water to be diverted as and when needed reducing mains water usage. The Twist can be connected to a small tank or soaker hose via a snap on hose fitting. Marley Twist® is a great choice for the environment, utilizing the fresh, clean rainwater that is already being channeled through your downpipe system. Available in white and all of Marley’s Stratus Design Series® colours.










The AL-KO HWA 4500 Automatic Household Water Supply pump is great for delivering water to household appliances and for watering the garden. AL-KO domestic water pumps are characterized by their small footprint and manageability as well as their constant pressure output during operation.

They ensure an automatic, electronically controlled supply of water as soon as a valve is turned on. A dry-running protection system protects the pump against possible damage. An easy-to-clean XXL filter ensures optimum protection against contamination; and thanks to the integrated non-return valve, this AL-KO pump draws in water quickly and is therefore easy to put into operation. AL-KO pumps proudly distributed by Masport.