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Top 10 Kiwi Camping Tips


When it comes to camping, the best advice comes from experience. There is always something new to learn about camping from the good, the not-so-good, and the funny stories remembered with each season.

Whether you are a first-time camper or a seasoned pro, here are our top 10 tips from our experience over the years that may help you, your family or your friends out on your next adventure:


1. Pitch your tent before you go away

Why you ask? We've all turned up to a campsite with missing pegs and undiscovered tent tears. Pitching your tent is a great way to ensure you have everything you need before you hit the road and gives you time to fix or replace any parts before your next adventure. 

2. Secure your campsite early

Campsites in New Zealand fill up quickly, and if they are a great family option, they may even be booked out by the same families year on year. If you don't want to miss out, jump online and start to look up possible locations and campsites. If you have kids, talk to friends and family that have camped with children the same age as your own. If your children are very young, then locations near the water may not be ideal. Keep in mind that you want a relaxing holiday too, so choose a camping location that suits your entire family.

3. Choose your location wisely

When setting up your camping site, check for pesky stones and remove these before pitching to ensure a comfortable floor and protect against tent degradation. Setting up under the tree's can also provide much-needed shade on those hot summer days, so be sure to secure the prime spot at your summer destination of choice!

4. Pack your fly INSIDE your tent

Next time you take your tent down, pack away your fly INSIDE your tent to avoid zip snagging and tucking away those pesky guy-ropes. Simply un-attach your tent fly from the frame, lay it flat on the floor of the tent, then fold and roll your tent with those guy-ropes together. 

5. Roll your tent and windows UNDER

This game-changing tip will help against unwanted leaves, twigs and water-dropping into your tent. First, fold the flap under in half and then half again, then roll. It reduces the amount of rolling and makes for a cleaner roll. Such a simple tip, you'll wonder why you never thought of it before.

6. Don't forget the basics

Always pack a first aid kit for yourself and your tent before camping. You never know when you'll need plasters for the kids, a tear aid kit for your tent or bug spray for around the campsite or at the beach.

7. Slip, slop, slap

Sunscreen is essential to survive the camping season whilst enjoying New Zealand's harsh but beautiful sun. Make sure you have sunscreen available at all times, including at your tent, in your beach bag and in your car. 

8. Chill your chilly bin

To maximise your chilly bin's 'chilly' capacity, fill it with ice the night before you leave before packing your cold items. This will ensure it stays colder for longer and your food fresher. 

9. Stay hydrated

Never underestimate how much water you'll consume while camping and out in the sun. Water carriers are an excellent solution for water storage to stay hydrated and clean dishes while camping.

10. Don't forget your togs!

You'd think this one goes without saying, but we've all been there! Double-check you've packed your togs of choice to avoid a classic camping fo-par.