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Growfresh Pot Tomato Hearty Red 100mm

SKU: 152015 MODEL: 4890
$ 3 .97  each
Mitre 10


Nothing beats the flavour of tomatoes fresh from your own garden our grafted tomatoes are grafted onto disease resistant rootstock for extra plant vigour and improved cropping. Sweet 100 grow in long trusses and produce up to100 of the most well known sweet cherry tomato.
Features and benefits
  • Unique heart-shaped tomato that produces trusses of perfectly formed small tomatoes full of flavour.
  • Determinate variety.

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Brand Name
Growfresh Pot
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Tomatoes with their rapid growth rate are both thirsty and hungry. It is very important to water daily, or twice a day in hot dry weather. The plants must not be allowed to dry out. They do not like wet feet however, take care that water does not lie around and become stagnant. Tomatoes should be fed regularly with Tui Tomato Food is a blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and a generous amount of potassium formulated to promote the growth and fruit potential of all types of tomatoes. Feeding during the growing season should be done monthly which will replace nutrients taken from the soil and ensure you get the most out of your tomato plants.