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Enrich with Nature Moth Orchid with 1 Flowering Stem 12cm

SKU: 149069 MODEL: PHAORC012
$ 39 .97   each
Mitre 10
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This beautiful tropical Phalaenopsis orchid is fast becoming New Zealand's favourite.  Orchids are much easier to look after than most people think. The moth orchid is available in a range of colours from yellow, white and pink and when looked after properly it will bloom for many months in the right position.

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Phalaenopsis like to be warm and they don’t like low humidity or drafts. They thrive in a very open mix such as a coarse bark and need weekly watering. Orchids must not be left standing in water, a water logged mix will kill the roots very quickly. We advise taking the Orchid to the kitchen sink weekly in the summer, watering well through the medium and then standing until completely drained. Monthly feeding with a proprietary liquid fertilizer at a low strength will help. Moth Orchids will bloom for many months and before all the flowers have died cut the flower stem above the bottom node and you will be rewarded with a side branch and more flowers. Once flowering is finished remove the flower spike, a new spike should appear late winter. Once your plant has become too large for the pot you can re-pot into a larger pot using a bark based orchid mix. There is no need to pot on until the plant becomes too large for the container it came in.

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Enrich with Nature
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Part Shade
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