Community Sponsorship



Community Support

We are often approached by a local charity or community group for assistance, and the team at Mitre 10 Wanaka are only too happy to help.
We currently own a marquee, PA system, portable BBQs, trestle tables AND a bouncy castle - all of which are available for community use.
Should your charity or community group require assistance in the form of hire items, a raffle prize or maybe some materials for a kid’s holiday programme, get in touch with Matt at

[email protected]


Our Marquee at the Wanaka Soccer Sevens


Keep an eye out for our in store events,
with hands on demonstrations to help you complete your very own DIY projects that are often satisfying AND money saving!

Check out the Mitre 10 Youtube Channel for step by step videos and some amazing 15 second fixes with Stan. You can find Liv in the Dream Zone on our national website with ideas for laying out your home - in style.

For seasonal projects to decorate your home, entertain the kids or simply enjoy life a little more, you have come to the right place.

Keeping the Kids Entertained
Here are some ideas from our team for weekends, rainy days and school holidays, when you just need a little inspiration. Have a look at the ideas below or follow this link to out national site for more activities.

Get your Hands Dirty - teach your children the life skills of gardening.

Start small with potted herbs, vegetables or strawberries.
Edible plants are a great way to build enthusiasm, as the young ones nuture their crops with the end goal of enjoying the "fruits of their labour".
See our garden department for plant specials and advice... your options are endless!
How To Plant Strawberries


Pine Cone Bird Feeders - Look after the wildlife, while getting creative!
Dig out a nice dry pinecone from the wood shed or ask permission to collect them on a local property.
Clean it up with a dry brush and then tie a piece of string securely near the top.
Now roll your pine cone in peanut butter (crunchy or smooth). It may be easier to smear it on with a teaspoon or your fingers.
Now you are ready to generously coat your pinecone in bird seed. Shake off the excess seeds and you are done.
Simply tie the pinecones to tree branches around your property and wait for your feathered friends to start enjoying them.

Wild Bird Seed Mix is available by the bag at Wanaka Mitre 10


Craft Corner

Pick up some test pots of paint, craft materials and mason jars (multiple sizes available), it's time to get creative!!

You can find plenty more ideas on and the filling options are endless.
How about a candle or soap, some chocolates, home baking, hot chocolate powder and marshmallows or the dry ingredients for your favourite biscuit recipe - just be sure to include a note with the rest of the instructions.
They make great presents!