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Kids love to help out at home! That’s why we’ve designed a series of Easy As for Kids Workshops to teach kids aged 4-12 helpful do-it-yourself skills and all important tool safety. Our workshops are free to attend and are held every second month. *Limited spaces available.



Sunday, 20th March 2016 saw mega pumpkins being forklifted and pushed into our store.

The contest was aimed to inspire kids to get out in the garden and grow their very own BIG pumpkin. Giant pumpkin plants were sold in-store since October 2015 allowing the kids 6 months to grow their gigantic pumpkins. The weigh-in contest took place on Sunday, 20th March with the winning categories being the Biggest Pumpkin, Best Dressed Pumpkin and the Ugliest Pumpkin.

These categories belonged to,

Biggest Pumpkin - Amy Jordaan

Best Dressed Pumpkin - Susie & Ethan Cooper

Ugliest Pumpkin - Edie Martin

The winners got to take home a $50 prezzie gift card, certifcate and a medal.

Amy Jordan's pumpkin weighed in at a whopping 88.65kg.

Well Done to all!